Friday, February 06, 2009


Saturn-Uranus Square Mars in Gemini
There's been some furious opposition voiced (Gemini) by some people to those expressing opposition to the current government. No wonder under the present planetary influences. Before he was elected, President Obama was against the system, but now that he's in office he is the system regardless of his intentions.
Opposition means what it says and Uranus, symbolizing the forces of disruption is in exact opposition to Saturn, the symbol of preservation of the status quo. Naturally the president, as the leader of the system, has met with fierce protest. But along with the aspect comes the opportunity to see the polarization with rare acuity, and to gain pertinent knowledge.
Both planets are now square US Mars in Gemini, ruling communication, and yesterday with the Moon just crossing this point, the president, with his own Gemini Moon, did what he always does when he's in trouble. He gave a speech. With Uranus also opposite his own Mars, it was heated and angry. Rebellion is everywhere.
Will his method always work? He has a natal Moon square Pluto, so he can be persuasive, even manipulative. He's good at political games, it's said. With his Mars square the country's, he and the people could occasionally be at cross purposes. But the trine to US Pluto eases that conflict, giving the potential to work things out.
This time, with Saturn-Uranus in effect, it looks like the people are seeing things a bit differently, possibly reading things between the well-worn lines and shying away from the usual mesmerization to get a clearer picture. Uranus brings awareness and the square to US Mars seems to have broadened the spectrum of perception as the public goes through this series of oppositions seeking ways to effect governmental reform.
Are we being railroaded too fast into swallowing a bill that's not going to work? Uranus square Mars can increase the emergency factor. Is the president playing on the public's fears? They often do. Neptune is involved, so is deception occurring or is it an ideal solution? The CEO pay cap is just such a deception, since only a tiny few will be affected, and they can move somewhere else and still get their money. Other loopholes are included guaranteeing the continuation of the status quo. Pluto is also quincunx the executive's Gemini Moon, so all the Plutonian characteristics should be considered highlighting his natal square. With Pluto early in Capricorn, and ruling Saturn retrograde in analytical, discriminating Virgo, would it be wise to slow down and take the time to craft a bill that would work using the fine tuning of that sharply aware sign? Or has the influence already succeeded in doing that? Are the usual behind the scenes establishment schemes in progress? Many have doubts. Many voices are trying to be heard.
I don't know the answers to these questions, but I do know one thing. The forces of opposition are requesting society open its collective eye, take a discerning look at leadership, and be aware of all possibilities. The transit will pass soon and probably the current conflict with it, but it will return as the country works through its discontent. Voicing objection is natural.


Blogger jm said...

So now it's all the Republicans' fault. Gee. That means if they got rid of the them everything would be rosy in the Promised Land. Never mind that the Democrats voted for the war. Never mind that the economic team's policies led to this. Never mind that 100s of years of behavior have accumulated to bring results. Dust bowls and erosion of fertility take many forms.

I'm sure curious about what the last opposition in Aries-Libra will reveal. Unfortunately the South Node in Cancer will be just off USA Sun. Or fortunately. One can always "hope" that maturity will come. Guess what? The Republicans will still be here. So will the Boogey Man. So will Pluto. So will you.

Maybe Pluto is a Republican.

6/2/09 3:47 PM  

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