Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My word. I've found it.


Blogger JoannaOregon said...

Umm... found what? ;O)

21/11/06 12:24 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Good question of course and here are a couple of comments that say it well for me:

This was on the heels of a discovery about one of my favorite artists, Erik Satie, and much to my joy, the respect was shared around here.

Also known as fibonacci numbers one of the more fascinating parts of homeschooling was finding all the fun things that i missed in my own education! What could be more fun that going on a treasure hunt for Fibonacci examples? As you say Kad, mystery and beauty.

Oh, the Fibonacci number page says, "French composer Erik Satie used the golden ratio in several of his pieces, including Sonneries de la Rose+Croix. His use of the ratio gave his music an otherworldly symmetry." How interesting!

Treasure hunt, indeed. :-)

So for me, one of the hidden treasures was the appearance of a place to share thoughts in a way I love, and learn new things. Quite an event. my word and everyone else's.
I treasure good communictaion and articulation. I love language.

The question of what we value the most is a good one to ponder. I would wager that is the most important part of finding and enjoying whatever it is.

21/11/06 1:24 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Then it goes on to gold and silver as representations of the sun and the moon.

There's an old country song that goes:

I'm never gonna marry in the fall
Ain't gonna marry in the spring
I'm in love with a pretty girl
And she wears a diamond ring

But I'm just a country boy
Money have I none
But I've got silver in the stars
And gold in the morning sun.

I know deep within us is the knowledge of the symbolism of wealth and it's all gotten so confused. Man's leaders have grabbed for all the earth's resources and the ruled have aspired to the same acquisition.

Still, some live according to this knowledge and the knowledge waits as people come to realization.

I think that's what Scorpio teaches. The material release in exchange for the spiritual. As we pay the boatman on the Styx for passage into the Elysian Fields if we do it right.

21/11/06 1:41 PM  
Blogger jm said...

In that rich vein, I think our recent political change is included.

With the Jupiter/Pluto and all the Scorpio that just consolidated, the demise of the Republicans was perfectly orchestrated.

This is aside from the personalities. The symbolism of the Republican Party is unchecked growth and private material gain. The Democratic Party stands for more shared resources and public responsibility. I realize that the reality has strayed far from this, but the underlying philosophy remains. The Dems at the top have lost it but the group is being refilled from am underground stream.

Some of the newly elected still have these values and I think this represents a slow shift as Pluto goes into Capricorn and eventually Aquarius, where the wealthy will have to pay the piper and the distribution becomes more equitable.

All so fascinating.

21/11/06 2:02 PM  

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