Friday, December 07, 2007

I'm so Goddammed Happy $&%!!*

World War III is canceled. Now I can concentrate on my glass blowing. I can't blow properly with these jackasses sniping and yapping about war. Enough is too much. 15 seconds into the news these days and my parrot, Mortimer, suffers severe gastrointestinal distress. He's sensitive, though. And getting old. 119 this month. Seen too much. He's been on a special diet throughout the current administration and I'm hoping he'll feel better soon. My chicken Zelda's laying has been off too. Of course, Uranus direct has influenced matters.
Well, all you good people enjoy the respite and keep up the solid gold effort. It will pay off.
Love to everyone,
Myrtle Rae


Blogger Tseka said...

Myrtle Rae, my god it's been too long. Mortimer is 119? I understand how it is about the sensitivity of the tummy as one ages.

Ma peite Zamma who is a mere 22 is much more inclined to not eat as the years pass. She is just a feather weight now. (and she never missed a meal when she was young - i mean that in all ways) Sometimes i wonder how she survives so well on air and "wild" water. She goes out every morning for her ritual drinking of the bird water with ice as the sun rises. Perhaps it is some special star elixer that drifts in during the night that gives her so much vim.

Uranus direct is a blessed relief for all we neuronic types.

BTW how is aunt Jenny these days?

7/12/07 8:51 PM  
Blogger jm said...

It's so true, that aging sensitivity. Due to decreasing HCL levels so I understand.

I knew that bird water had something special in it. How wise, your sweet Zamma. It's been proven that eating little increases longevity. She obviously wants more of you and that star elixir.

Aunt Jenny is doing well, actually, and is handling her stomach acid levels admirably. She's sleeping a little less now that the NN is leaving Pisces. Her neurons are getting excited with Aquarius on deck. I'll tell her you inquired. She will be very pleased.

7/12/07 9:18 PM  

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