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Most people are aware of how much perspective can influence their responses to the things they witness. Like the movie camera that creates different moods with slow motion, camera angles, close-ups, long shots -- the slightest change altering the sensations experienced by the viewer. No wonder Neptune governs photography and the film industry. The mutual reception between Neptune and Uranus is pointing out the differences in the way perspective affects the collective reactions to events in the world. Is the truth in the eye of the observer, in the view of the reporter/translator, or in the event itself? Now that Pluto is close to the 29 degree Pisces of the Iraq War chart, let's take a look at how this works.
The compassionate participant: It's wrong to kill people. The fascist elite war machine is spilling the blood of innocent children. My heart cries for the dead and wounded. We are all victims of the cruel and greedy leaders. Evil men are trying to destroy the powerless.
The primitive participant: Kill the enemy.
The engaged businessman: There's money to be made.
The detached observer: It's wrong to kill people but this is the way of the world and there isn't much one can do. It's a fact that lies were perpetrated in order to invade an unarmed country but leaders have always acted in this manner and it won't change anytime soon.
The detached non-participant: It doesn't affect me.
The highly detached metaphysician: Circumstance isn't what it appears to be upon first glance. A long series of events led to the contract between the countries to engage in battle. Both have reasons for their actions. Nothing can be changed about the lead-up, and possibly the outcome can be influenced by choices made. The result could be as bad as it could be good. It's part of a sequence.
The extremely detached mystic:
Which one is accurate? All of them, of course. As Pluto leaves Sagittarius after nudging everyone to find some big truth, it appears that there might not be one. If someone kills another, for example, who knows whether or not it's karmic correction unfolding? It's morally wrong from the observer's viewpoint, probably, but obviously the participants are experiencing it differently. What if that moment of life can't proceed to the next without the event? What if the participants are choosing this destiny, even if not consciously aware of the fact? It's far too much for one person to definitively judge, although the effort is inevitable. What if it turned out that the Iraq War was right? And who really did it?
On one level humans have to try and abide by ethical and moral guidelines, but the complications of Pisces and the mutual reception are opening up perspectives previously not thought of, taking judgement to untried places and eliminating it altogether in some instances. People won't stop killing one another because someone tells them not to. It comes from natural desire through a proper evolutionary education. Knowing the human is rather young as a species and only partway along the road, I'm going to allow for flaw and failure while the collective consciousness learns through experience and viable conscience develops from its already-existing seed.


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