Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Finale

Mars is in its final degrees of Cancer after a seven month retrograde shared with Gemini.
Umbilical cuts, schoolyard good-byes.
Mars is in perpetual forward projectile motion, and things that hold this entity back, such as the past and certain acts similar to "clinging", sometimes are forcibly excised. Especially after such a long backward pull.
The ping forward.
Like my Indiana neighbor's wrist rocket in Colorado Springs. And now that I recall, my other Indiana neighbor's dart gun in Denver.

On to Leo!!! Stage director? Casting? Props?
Photo: Chad Ehlers


Blogger The Ninth Immortal said...

Well, I have a Leo 12H, so let's hope that means I make a better, more gutsy Leonine director, in tune with the magnificent creativity of our shared archetypes and dreams.

I'm gearing up to shoot a short film I've written this July, and will need all the cosmic help I can get! Hopefully, by the time transiting Mars opposes my Aquarius Mars and Mercury in the 6H, the effect will be pure energy, courageous action, and the ability to prompt my collaborators to offer creative 'service' (the short film deals with domestic violence).

Warm greetings to you, JM (and all the gang here) - sorry I've been away for so long. Mars' transit through my Cancer 11H has been rather all-consuming. :)


7/5/08 4:37 AM  
Blogger yeshe_choden said...

In 2006, Obama visited Kibera, Kenya, one of the worst slums in all of Africa. As he came to the village, children from the outskirts of town, seeing him approaching, turned and ran to the village center, chanting, "Obama biro yawne yo! Obama biro yawne yo!"

"Obama's coming. Clear the way."

7/5/08 12:43 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Ninth, great news about your film! It inspired me to make an appointment with my keyboard repairman today. Time to get going. I think the total effect of the Mars transit will be felt as time goes on. Sounds like you've recovered from Saturn in the 12th! Good to have you back.

7/5/08 2:40 PM  
Blogger jm said...

"Obama's coming. Clear the way."

HA HA !! Not much choice. :-) He also just brokered a deal for a cease-fire in Nigeria while all the bashing was going on. The rebel violence has been cutting oil production. Works better than a gas tax holiday!

7/5/08 2:43 PM  

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