Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Warning! Beware of the
Gas Tax Holiday

My friends. As you guzzle and gorge your way through another exciting summer season, keep this in mind. A sucker and a scam are a match made in heaven.
Yep. Predatory pumpers.
Keep your nozzle clean, is what I recommend.
And your tires inflated!!


Blogger neith said...

keep this in mind. A sucker and a scam are a match made in heaven.

hee, hee! i fill up my small pickup about once every six weeks and avoid making extra trips to town if at all possible! {not as good as our dear tseka . . . she only goes to town every couple of weeks - I usally go in once a week}

6/5/08 11:56 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Yo neith! A lot of extra trips are going to be deleted, I bet. I just wish people would stop voting for these crooks!

6/5/08 1:05 PM  
Anonymous juno jones said...

Moved into town so I could bike and take the bus. I'll be looking for a used moped later this summer, I hope. I like riding the bus. I didn't have a car for about 10 years, I hated winding up in places with no transit, bike lanes or sidewalks. One of the reasons I came to B'ham was the availibility of those things.

Hey Neith! How ya doin? Did you have anything get screwed up during that lovely late frost we had? I had heard the Wenatchee cherry growers weren't happy (nor am I, I love Wenatchee cherries...) My plants pulled thru but they were not happy at all with my having left them uncovered because the weather service up here was not predicting freezing temps.

6/5/08 3:21 PM  
Blogger jm said...

YES!!!!! I almost posted that. I've been hankering for a moped for years. I bet there are going to be all kinds of innovative little bikes in the next few years.

It's gotten so people feel guilty not bringing their own cloth bags in the grocery stores now. Public censure is the way.

I live next to a canal that has 77 miles of bike path snaking through the city. Lots of that coming up with Pluto in Cap and city planning. Then comes weight reduction and all the reduced fuel trying to get bananas to them all, plus the lowered weight in the vehicles as the families pile in.

Pretty soon, what with Dragon Wind Energy and all, I might be hang gliding into town!

6/5/08 4:01 PM  

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