Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pluto and the Vortex

When I was a child I had a tonsillectomy and ether was used as anesthesia. I dreamt I was circling around and around in a dark cone with ringing sounds and blinking lights. In retrospect I often wonder where I was. Either in some place between life and death or between conscious life and deep unconscious. I know not, but I do think the vortex is a passage out and in that respect, a Plutonian crossing to another dimension. I think there are many vortices before the final one, and I sense that the world is collectively in one now with Pluto crossing from Sagittarius to Capricorn and the last quadrant. With Pluto hovering around 29 Sagittarius during the American election, the issue of racial division has surfaced for an inclusive look and response.
Consider, for example, the media "spin". It occurred to me that this could be an outlet for the waste matter of society, an ongoing elimination that is necessary for social health. The story begins, escalates out of control, winds down, and disappears down the hole. Maybe this is disease control and provides needed emotional catharsis. Real journalism can be found somewhere if that's what one desires. Perhaps the vortex is stronger than usual right now with Pluto positioned as it is. Years of accumulation going down, spinning out.
Let's take the subject of Jeremiah Wright, one of great fascination to the collective. It wasn't a distraction, contrary to popular opinion, but an important event in my view. There's a reason the separation was two-fold, cosmically speaking, first with the opening of the conversation about prejudice, second with the schism, symbolic maybe of a larger one.
The stereotypes are not working as well as they once did. Wright first appeared as an angry rebel, then as an educated intellectual, and then he shape-shifted and flipped-out in his last show, leaving people confused, reiterating what he had said in the beginning. They were supposed to be afraid of the scary black man, but somehow, I don't think they really were. Some people seem to like him, in fact, and since he vanished in pure Neptunian fashion, many miss him. Of course there was the added stereotype of the clowning and happy Negro, but that also had its limitations. Now they're left with their own perceptions and the media failed to solidify a common one. The more it continued, the freer Obama became. He returned to Obamaland while people were trying to figure out what happened. Don't know what to think of the black man now, the stereotypes perhaps also disappearing to an extent in this strange Plutonian moment. Reverend Wright is a puzzle. The hate can't find a target as it usually does. The fear is not what it's cracked up to be. The guy is an accomplished scholar as well as a crazy black man. What to do? God damn America or God bless America? What in ...... is happening here? Mr. Jones?
We can proceed a step further to the Democratic Party. The Democrats appeal to minority voters and the divisive tactics couldn't be more obvious than they are right now. No one group can successfully lay claim to equality and justice thought to be the superior possessions of liberals. It's brought the lesson home and changes are afoot as power shifts among the demographic groups. People determine experience as much as leaders and none were fully aware of the extent of social change. Plutonian moments are normally replete with revelation.
The finale of this phase is occurring now in the most blatant proclamation of racial divide yet, when one candidate stated clearly that her opponent was of another race and that something was wrong with him, so they must vote for her. This is also part of the Plutonian process as people realize with certainty that they are ready to move past the traditional barriers. West Virginia laid bare an important thing to acknowledge that always exists. This final confrontation includes a recent Full Moon in Scorpio, a Scorpio candidate, and a coming Full Moon again in Scorpio at 29 degrees on May 20, when the white people of Oregon vote for Obama en masse. Deep in the vortex as the patterns of behavior are eliminated and Pluto returns to Sagittarius for the last time and the end of this particular phase of anthropological education, although pockets of fear and hatred remain as always. The people as a whole are realizing how much they really do want to evolve.

As Pluto returns to Sagittarius all these new developments have surfaced and are mixing in a still to be realized result. The issue will surely be dealt with in depth during this historic presidential election as those of us who wish to shed destructive social behaviors do so while allowing others the freedom to cling for whatever reasons make it still necessary. Old habits are spinning down and funneling out as the stage is being set for the next act. The media are only playing along. Doing their jobs. The continual stream of little vortices.
The truth is exposed anyway.


Blogger m.p.k said...

Brilliant jm. I also feel, the divisions aren't working, just as you said. Something like this sunk in and shifted a while back. The gestalt of the transition is different now than it was. That old time is really gone, even though some people still might think it could return. The 90's, for instance... that way of living is gone. It's about energy and how we are channeling it. And the change does not have to be out there at all. The realization of their own power really is coming back to the people.

14/5/08 8:48 AM  
Blogger John from Taos said...

The people as a whole are realizing how much they really do want to evolve.

Unconsciously, perhaps, but I do agree.

14/5/08 9:38 AM  
Blogger jm said...

The gestalt of the transition

I love this mpk.

Something like this sunk in and shifted a while back.

Very true. It's interesting to think about. How things happen on so many levels then bubble up to the surface when all forces align correctly. Channeling energy is right as we go on to the next phase of energy transformation.

The realization of people's power is written all over the astrological map in the cosmic attempt to maintain equilibrium and health.

I agree, John, on the unconscious factor, although it's interesting how many people are talking about it. They're citing the book, The Fourth Turning, as an example of a major transition. And the collective feeling is something I've never experienced.

The political engagement and excitement is different this time. It should affect people on a personal level too and I think this is the key to continued engagement which will be the next chapter. It's not going to happen without us and it will likely take a little time for this knowledge to sink in. The whole thing fascinates me since nobody seems to know what's happening. The unpredictable has risen!

14/5/08 2:20 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Brilliant indeed. It's interesting to note synchronicity within Jeremiah Wright's names. Jeremiah, the gadlfy prophet. Wright, from Old English wryhta meaning one who works, crafts or constructs something, either tangible or verbal, such as a wheelwright or a playwright. Wright did indeed craft something, but like any good wright, the product of his labor lasts long after he is gone from the scene.

14/5/08 7:26 PM  
Blogger jm said...

OMG joe! Fascinating! Wonderful, wonderful. Thank you so very much. Oh how I love Gemini info!

The disappearance of these characters is the real story, so the message belongs to the receiver entirely. We are definitely in a learning moment.

14/5/08 10:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Moon in Scorpio! I'm so enjoying this one... can't wait for the full moon version of it... mmm...

See... everytime you start writing on Pluto I return with comments :)

(my computer was broken for a few months)

17/5/08 10:05 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Hey kritusi! The star! Yup. Full moon in Scorpio. Good-by to the no longer needed. Clean air and water on deck, at least metaphorically. I do love you Scorpionics, really I do, but I need to relax. Carry on and do the job!

17/5/08 2:47 PM  

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