Saturday, February 07, 2009

Faith and Confidence

Troubled Waters
Uranus Disturbs the Seas
Ja, JM, we are at a moment of reckoning and it is all about values rather than money. We think it's about money but what is underlying everything is how we use our resources to create comfort and security.Tseka
Our survival depends on separation now and we're going to do it. The Pluto return is another declaration, bringing power even further into the hands of the collective. That's why this administration is perfect in its weakness. The Uranus in Aries square will be really interesting in terms of autonomy, both state and individual. The weakness on the top is serving to pull out the strength on the bottom.Jm
If you care for this country and have been paying attention, there's not much chance that you aren't upset right now about the economic bill coming through Congress -- its weakness and obvious potential for failure. This was correctly predicted by metaphysicians, economists, and overall wise observant people. The repair of the country's economy will not come easily. But it will come. Nothing in the process can be deleted. Hard earned relief is bound to be the end result.
No matter what the politicians do or don't do as the case will probably be, most people will be all right. We live in a reasonably decent country when contrasted with all the others on the planet, and we always do well with adversity. Some thrive in these conditions, and people pride themselves in whizzing through successfully.
The current crisis marks the beginning of the Pluto in Capricorn transit and in a few weeks, Pluto will be opposite US Venus making a station. No wonder this is happening now. As Tseka stated, values are in question.
It's not the Republicans' fault entirely, nor is it just the Democrats', corrupt as they all are. It's not even ours. It's just a step in the sequence of growth experiences, under the auspices of Pluto, ruler of collective evolution. Nothing could have been done to prevent it, considering the laws of cause and effect which govern life in the universe.
When Pluto moves off Venus in May, Neptune will be going retrograde, and some feelings of collective despair can be expected, as high as hopes were during the recent campaign and inauguration. Fair enough in the great balancing mechanism. But at the same time, Saturn goes direct, so some signs of possible repair could be coming in too. When Pluto reaches the 0 degree and goes direct, the next Saturn-Uranus opposition will arrive for a continuation in the breaking and separation from the nation's governmental system. The will has to be there and these events are creating it. Uranus can be disturbing as stable reality is upset making way for improved alternatives. One more occurs deep in Virgo-Pisces and then when Aries-Libra arrives, the necessary schism will be well underway. No politician is supposed to fix it now. We will do that ourselves together with them when the time comes.
As Uranus finishes in Pisces, the inevitable realization that we can't control outside circumstance is due to be absorbed. Going with the flow is the cliche often used, but it's true. "You are a leaf in the river of life," says my beloved cliche-loving Gemini friend with his charming and knowing smile. Surrender is a must and by the time Uranus leaves, we'll be ready and energized to begin anew in Aries. Dissolution, hopelessness, and feelings of being adrift and out of control can characterize this configuration. But also empathy and togetherness will likely be a part of the phase. People naturally pull together during troubled times.
This is a time not to shape the course of events nor to predict too accurately what's ahead. That will come a little bit later. This is preparation. Out of the confusion emerges a better direction. Most of all with Pisces comes its greatest gift -- genuine faith.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jm, has the US bombed Pakistan? A few months ago I dreamt it had but the only person who knew was me. A few days ago I thought I read about it but now think I haven't. I can't figure out what's dream and what's reality.

7/2/09 10:37 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Yes. They dropped a bomb in the last few weeks. Your dream is reality.

It's amazing speaking of dreams and reality, which no one can figure out. I'm so glad you posted this comment, chris, because I woke up today after a beautiful dream about a warm red room, love songs, soft lights, and good people. Gentle ones. You make me think this could become reality. I'll remember it. It was clear and vivid.

I need something to neutralize the bomb throwing. Could very well be.

Keep dreaming. You probably do know something they don't know.

7/2/09 1:39 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Sadly, I think it could be said that the US has bombed just about every country on this planet at one time or another.

7/2/09 1:56 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Sad it is. That's why I have reservations about how wonderful things are going to be in this country for awhile. The laws of justice apply to everyone everywhere, in this equal and opposite world. Especially since a lot of the bombing has to do with commodities. Pluto opposite Venus reminds me. If we want a good life and home we have to face ourselves and make some overt effort to prove ourselves worthy after the things we've done. No one is exempt. I think the story of being turned away from the Promised Land of milk and honey is a good one. We know it's there as a reminder of how we can grow toward kindness within the complex web of human right and wrong. We have some things to correct. You've got to pay up. Law # uno.

I am not rejoicing as the War on Terror continues without missing a beat. I don't pretend to know the metaphysics and karma of it all - some guiding force that makes these bombs necessary for now, but I cringe with every one. I feel that the recent carnage in the Holy Land was a particularly strong reminder and it's reverberating in the collective consciousness.

But one thing preys upon another in the material realm, and you might be appalled at what the sea cucumber does down in the deep.

I'm more of a knight in the meadow type of warrior. One on one. Level playing field. Plenty of armor.

7/2/09 2:37 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I've been studying the development of civilization after we settled and started to accumulate goods. The accumulation grows and with it the need to protect it all. Then comes the plundering and murder to try and satisfy the insatiable desire for more. So man's relationship with want seems to be at the core.

We usually learn by force, so could our stuff be snatched from us at some point, and the gut longing for more diminished out of necessity?

Back to what tseka said about creating comfort and security. Pluto opposite Venus in Cancer is a good time to crack the books on this.

My dream last night was more comfortable than ordinary reality. Something about light, color, and sound. Free commodities in the universe.

7/2/09 2:46 PM  
Blogger jm said...

So something is in the air now as billions turn to trillions. Isn't it incredible? That the way out of financial disaster is to up the ante to trillions? And of course, build bigger bombs.

So the solution to overspending is overspending? Am I missing something? Is the cosmos playing tricks with our mental capacity? When is enough really enough?

Deep in the knowing part of the collective consciousness could be some revulsion at the amount being spent to satisfy desire. Beneath this supposed joyous election was the undercurrent of the obscene amount of money devoured in the process, from the campaign through the most expensive inauguration in history. Does a historical event really require that much money to acknowledge? I think as a whole, we know the truth and are afraid to face it consciously.

And here we are forking over another trillion. For nothing? Probably most of it is for close to nothing. Nothing is enough sometimes. And not as expensive as you might think.

Teach me Pluto. You're older than I.

7/2/09 3:03 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Well, we're not alone today. Saturn-Uranus heats up.

The institutional rigidity of U.S. foreign policy has been locked in place.
William Pfaff

Things will be rigid until they break -- which, of course, they will.

Here We Go Again

In other words: Let the Good Times Roll

7/2/09 3:32 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Re: Pakistan

The Maňana People

This kind of talk, "Obama can't do it by himself," "You can't turn a large ship around overnight," is the kind of talk that people who are safe and solvent in comfy houses or apartments can throw around: full of justifications and excuses. And all of these excuses, no matter how intricate or clever, boil down to one thing: "Maňana." We can't do it now, so we'll do it tomorrow. And, of course, tomorrow, somehow, never comes...

When the bombs are falling on YOUR children, when soldiers or police are breaking down your doors, when YOU are being set up on terrorist charges, when you are out of work and have lost everything you ever had, when it is your parent or child dying from some preventable illness but you have no healthcare or the hospitals just been bombed, when you are about to be deported -- well, something inside of you changes. You just don't see things that way anymore. You either get angry or you get depressed. Anger, righteous anger, is far better. And you begin to fight for what is right. Once you start fighting, all those "Maňana" people are not your allies -- they are the resistance you either have to convert or fight against.

"We don't have to protest now because Obama will fix things." And so anti-war groups across the country have actually stopped vigiling. Really, we should be screaming and protesting even more when a new politician takes office. The slimy think tanks did not take time off when Obama was elected; neither did the military/post-industrial/complex; they got right to work behind the scenes and made sure that their choices were installed as "Assistant Under-Secretary for Minitruth," and every other position that was open. But this is when the "Maňana" people rise up across the country and proclaim with one strong powerful united voice, "Not yet! -- we are not ready to stand up against killing, we have to give him a chance to begin killing, to get to like killing, to overcome the moral compunction, and to work himself into an inextricable situation. Then, we can protest."

John Kerry became famous at the "Winter Soldier" hearings for asking, "Who will be last soldier to die for a useless cause?" Of course, once Americans get over their solipsism the question becomes, "Who will be the last 100,000 Afghanis, Pakistanis, and Iraqis to die for an immoral and illegal war?"

And I know that the people who always find these slippery excuses for Obama are the same ones who would be screaming if McCain had been elected and was bombing Pakistan. But, you see, they can always do this because they know what Obama "wants": Obama wants good things. And they knew what Bush "wanted": Bush wanted bad things. It is so simple. Even a little child could grasp this concept..... That is, unless they were busy cowering from bombs and bullets, tanks and bulldozers. The concept is: elect a "good" person and then you can say "Maňana" every night before you go to sleep. And then tomorrow night, you can say "Maňana" too.


7/2/09 11:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

joe, it is sad.

jm, thanks for the pakistan link. i have been in a panic. a quiet sort of panic, but a panic nonetheless.
i remember this dream i had a few months ago. i was grieving, deep, intense grief. so intense it ceased to become personal. this is the challenge posed with natal saturn trine neptune. (neptune in 12th, saturn in 8th). what is mine? what is yours?

the answer being, i think, that the boundary between the collective (12th) and the self (8th?) no longer exist. like the buddhist proverb of the man coming across a stick in the forest and wishing to kill it because at first glance it appears to be a snake.

i had a wonderful evening tonight. wine. song. friends. a 12 layer birthday desert. it ended with a conversation about the need to remove the barrier between the physical and the spirit once and for all. the physical realm will fail. the sky, sweet chicken, will fall. but your spirit will not be bombed. your heart does not need an army. if you seek a retreat, remind your self of this.

8/2/09 4:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

or 7th? i have missed a step here, but not to worry...still learning. thank you both for being here.

8/2/09 5:00 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

jm, this reminds me of the comment by author Barbara Kingsolver that Americans are the people in love with forgetting (i.e., the past).

8/2/09 6:57 AM  
Blogger jm said...

You stated perfectly the 12th house dilemma of feeling suffering beyond what seems personally applicable. I was struck by your comment, it's timing and strange power.

The confusion of boundaries with your 8th and 12th planets is so right and better stated than most I hear try to hear explain this.

I realized that I resonated so strongly because of Uranus in Pisces transiting my 12th now, and Neptune, my 11th. The Uranus opposition also exactly squares my Jupiter, just on the 8th-9th cusp.

but your spirit will not be bombed. your heart does not need an army. if you seek a retreat, remind your self of this.

You cannot imagine how apropos this is, chris. Retreat has been my road for lifetimes, and now I have my Aries asc ruler conjunct Neptune ruling my 12th. I have to come out of the monastery, but every cell of me wants back in, especially with Uranus there now. Won't work. I'll grab my armor and run between the bombs.

Thank you so much, dear friend from the North.

8/2/09 2:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm just glad something lands appropriately sometimes Jm. Your transits are a gift to us, too. We are lucky you are joining us out here. You are a joy.

Joe have you ever read Kundera's book Laughter and Forgetting? It's delicious.

8/2/09 2:45 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Joe, I'm wondering how successful they'll be with Pluto opposing the Cancer (past) stellium.

They're obsessed with the economic ruin at the moment, and that's the first to come to light with Pluto opposite Venus, but what they aren't realizing yet is it's connection to foreign policy and lifetimes of plundering and more.

So I've had an ear cocked to those developments. It's no mistake that both the economic team and the foreign policy team are remnants from the past. Something is shouting from the universe to help the people awaken from the narcosis of forgetfulness.

I know how much people love Obama and want him to do it for them, but he can't until the people themselves see their part and assume responsibility. It's not about him. It's a machine of many parts, all of them vital. They have a long opposition to the Cancer planets to accomplish this enlightenment. I keep emphasizing Pluto opposite our Cancer Sun as an opportunity of grand magnitude.

8/2/09 2:45 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Chris, once again. Thank you. I feel so frightfully exposed out of seclusion and with my Saturn in Leo, and what I basically am .. is timid. Not to "forget" my 4th house Cancer Sun. And I have to get it right as responsible as I feel.

But you know.

A few months ago I dreamt it had but the only person who knew was me.

I think that applies to everyone.

8/2/09 3:36 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I'm just glad something lands appropriately sometimes Jm.

That's a great statement and worth a lifetime of study. Substance and receptor. How much is waste? Or is there any? Oh my fiery dendrites.

8/2/09 3:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aw, you. You are deeply loved and yes needed by Us.

14/2/09 1:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your dream...a red room. Was it the same red room as Poe speaks of in your other post?;)

14/2/09 1:38 AM  
Blogger jm said...

NO!!!! Heavens. But, of course, things can change in a second.:O)

I wonder about the red, though.

14/2/09 2:47 AM  

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