Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Mean Business
in the Key of C Minor

Someone owed me money once.

Everybody got to pay his debt
Pay it up somehow
I'm headed down, I'm headed down
You're gonna pay it up right now.

The bill collector come around you bet
In every single town
The tax man, the gas man,
You've got to put your money down.

There's no use in voicing an objection
Everybody's got to pay his sum.
Everyone, there is no exception
The Man is comin' round to everyone.

Watch out Mamma better watch your step
Better not cheat me tonight
A deal's a deal, when you steal you steal
And stealin' ain't right.

You've got your hand in the collection plate
You're holdin' your bible tight
To make it straight, to heaven's gate,
Get that money back to me tonight.

It's time, it's time to make my collection
Come on. Pay your toll
Send it, send it in my direction
If you'd care to save your soul.

Born Again by jm. Copywright 1990. Incas, Malleus, and Stapes.


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