Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Justice of Equilibrium

Some people view the world as gloomy. They believe that things don't really go well overall. But I think, actually, we're part of one functional system, probably designed to survive and maintain health. If you were a cell in a human stomach, for example, the world might look rough, but the whole body works.
Some people are doing a double take watching what seems to be the beginning of a political balancing in the United States, in contrast to the previous years of extremes and finally bipartisan paralysis.
The country's natal Mars is making a major turn and going retrograde by progression for the next 80 years or so in Libra, the sign of equilibrium. Close to natal Saturn. Yesterday the Moon was in Libra and the subject of diplomacy hit the stage for its grand entrance. "Appeasement" was the word. Making peace. "Talk" was another. Libra loves both and much more.
This sign also governs marriage and yesterday same sex marriage was approved in California, the second state to do so. More will follow as the balancing continues and recent emphatic rejections turn into gradual acceptance. If I can get married, please god forbid, then you should be able to get married. Fairly simple.
USA Saturn will be returning to its natal position in two years, then pass retrograding Mars close by. I don't know anything that defies the laws of equilibrium. But I don't know everything.
Mystic Connecticut: Alfred Eisenstaedt


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