Friday, February 13, 2009

Anger and the Battle of Ideas

Uranus in Pisces Square Mars in Gemini
The United States has Mars (war) in Gemini (the mind), and battles of ideas are natural to her character. Transiting Uranus, the planet of independence and rebellion, is now squaring this Mars for two weeks, and as you've noticed, quarreling has broken out at normally peaceful (:o) Raging Universe. Just as it should be. Sometimes with Mars and Uranus, forceful breakthrough is required to accomplish what needs to be done. Barriers have to be shattered and some semblance of freedom of thought established, especially with the Saturn-Uranus opposition just ending. Authority questions are arising. Who's right? Who's wrong? And what does it have to do with me? Independence of thought seems to be one of the most elusive entities known to humans. No wonder a struggle is often involved. We want so much to belong, but at what price?
Uranus governs collective behavior and often with these two planets, the individuality of Mars butts up against groupthink. As you can see, some of the unity previously established is showing signs of dissolving while fierce Mars goes his own way half-cocked as he is known to do, with puffs of smoke among the fuming words, muscling his way through and offending at will. All people have Mars with his aggression in their pantheon of behaviors for good reason. We spend a lifetime battling with our urge to battle. How does warfare fit into the picture? It's difficult to do it well, especially when Uranus with its unpredictability and sudden impulse prevails.
Complicating matters is the US natal square to Neptune, so some of the devotees of divinity and worship are being rudely awakened as their hero is doing not-so-good on the political front. This creature has Mars square US Mars to complicate matters even more, and the planet of shock and upheaval is throwing some surprises in his direction. Bi-partisanship was not exactly the technique called for under the circumstances. Some Neptune clouding could be partly responsible. So Uranus is wreaking a little bit of havoc -- tempers are flaring, words are being thrust about in weaponly fashion, and ideas are showing signs of change. All of these battles are necessary to move past impediments that would otherwise remain as obstacles. The obstructions are not where you think they are.
I once saw a movie where a little child locked himself in the bathroom and the only thing the parents could do was to violently break open the door. Sometimes there is no choice. I think when we resign ourselves to the needed force, it perhaps can be less violent and unsettling than if we resist too much. So needless to say I joined in the fussing and fighting, knowing it's bound to be short-lived. For now.
The larger issue has been the awakening of some opposition to the new government, a trend that might continue. In the beginning, people had extremely high hopes, and there is enthusiastic support at present, but the continuing Saturn-Uranus oppositions leading to Uranus in Aries indicate that society might have to bust through the barrier and move past the authorities in some way when the time comes. The battle of ideas is certain to be a part of the Uranian rebellion percolating and gathering steam in the American body politic. This Uranus square to Mars is a good chance to develop some chops and possibly ways to do this with minimal harm, at least in the personal realms.
Anger is one of the primary emotions all humans experience and I can only assume it serves a highly important function. Arousal is produced by Uranus and motivation to proceed sometimes requires this unpleasant feeling heightened more than usual. Some will grasp peacefulness in the face of conflict and remove themselves from participation, others join the fray with no hesitation. Learning how to use the energy of rage is ideal since it's unavoidable. Stuffing it because someone else tells you to is probably unwise. Even for the spiritually advanced who realize that the authority is within, anger is still part of the process of separation. Often the collective waits until the lynch mob mentality takes over and mass violence results. The body politic like any human feels anger on and off, so I've been thinking of how to release the energy of this volatile state in ways that prevent violence, considering the Uranus in Aries transit coming up, similar to the square now, only much more furious. Denying the attempt to establish independence from authority is the least likely to work, but constructive use of the battle is ideal. We have time to mull it over. Plenty of food for thought.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read this post and I am reminded of how purifying anger can be. I know it can pollute, but do you think it can also work in humans in the way that back burning does for fires in nature? what do you think?

14/2/09 1:17 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Chris, I love your philosophical nature. I wanted to explore further and the back-burning purification concept is wonderful. I think it's so. Maybe it depends on the case and how one proceeds, either clinging and poisoning or releasing spirit in volatile hot vapors, the beauty of fire. Burning of dross.

I think it comes from the gut - the same source as laughter, joy, pain, sex, and the whole thing. Anger is so pronounced, so it must have great value. It's all in how we manage it. I really like your thoughts.

Nature is full of rage - Constant storms, earthquakes, etc. I think it has to do with maintaining equilibrium by balancing pressures.

We're allowed to express anger as children, then the more we get socialized, the more it gets repressed. The crucible of anger. It should be revered.

Uranus in Aries is going to affect all charts, so it's a good opportunity. Anger can get a lot accomplished. Like all energy, it can be utilized. Of course others are afraid of it, and put us in straight jackets, but well done, it can be glorious. To be good at it requires great skill. Fear of it is fear of the self and life. Too much obedience smothers the spirit.

The idea that it's anti-spiritual is poppycock.

14/2/09 2:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, and I love all of the opportunities you provide to think yet some more.
I thought I'd carry the red-curiosity over to this thread...since we both have Aries and it's easier to stay at the front,ha!
I asked if the room was the same, more tongue in cheek because the colour stuck out for me. As far as I am aware I don't dream in colour.
"I could have clasped the red walls to my bosom as a garment of eternal peace"
and your dream:
"a beautiful dream about a warm red room, love songs, soft lights, and good people. Gentle ones"

What a profoundly different thing...leading me to read this post and think of how anger if feared by so many, yet it is an incredible opportunity. Perhaps it's traced back to the shift in Christianity, away from a graceful God to a vengeful one. Wrath. That sort of thing. Passed through the ages and people see that anger can be expressed only if someone is WRONG. The fear of wrath and punishment keeps people away from tapping into that...after all, what could happen next?

Red is the colour of the 1st chakra, theroot chakra. This is from 'The Chakra Handbook' written by Shalila Sharamon and Bodo J. Baginski (I don't know who they are, but their book is excellent and so are their names):

"The root chakra connects us to the physical world. It transfers cosmic energieso the physical and earthly level and lets earthly energy stream into our subtle system.

"Man's basic individual needs and global needs for life and survival on this planet belong to the sphere of influence of the first chakra. Those who succeed in opening it will fully accept life on earth, they will say 'yes' to their physical existence and will be prepared to live and act in harmony with earthly forces and learn from them.

"As the root chakra is assigned to the earthly element, its colour is red- the red of of the energy and activity welling up from the inner core of our planet.

"The root chakra forms the vital foundation of all higher chakras and is the source of the life force. Here wee are in touch with the inexhaustible reservoir of kundalini energy...the three main energy channels of the body also begin in this chakra.

"Moreover, it is the true seat of the collective unconscious. It is through this chakra that the stored knowledge of the collective unconscious becomes accessible.

"The first chakra is activated by a clear, bright shade of red. The red colour warms and revitalizes and awakens the life force, vitality and courage. If this red is tinged with a shade of blue, it will help you permeate your vital drives with spiritual energy.

Since you are also a musician, I thought I'd include this, also from the book:

"Specific tones and keys are assigned to each energy centre: the deep C and C major for the first chakra."

I love this stuff. Enjoy. :)

14/2/09 11:02 AM  
Blogger Tseka said...

Oh Christy
I love this stuff (the colours and chakras etc) too.

And like JM i love they way your mind works, back burning a wildfire to stop it's progress what a wonder thought.

14/2/09 12:15 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Omg, chris. You are so right about Poe's room and this comment is stunning. It's what I wait for and makes it all worth it.

Perhaps it's traced back to the shift in Christianity, away from a graceful God to a vengeful one. Wrath.

I saw an interview on this subject and it really caught my attention.

The most outstanding thing in the red room was the singing - speaking of throat chakra - and, of course, it has everything to do with my singing career. My singing is laid back and gentle, but the people have wanted more speed and pain, like their TVs. They prefer being brutalized, or emotionally wrecked. So I kind of gave up and entered this world of silence for awhile.

They seemed like zombies with their sensitivity shut down as a whole, but I'll see what I can do this time around. Public dishonesty is problematic. More than people realize. The stuffed sensitivity translates into disease, I believe. Pain hurts, actually, and the body cries. They are reluctant to be genuinely soothed.

Now that Pluto is on my Mars, it's time to push forward and as always the Taurus NN reigns. This is amazing. In the dream, the people accepted it unconditionally, although I still had a residual feeling of fear that they'd reject the gentleness.

You are so in tune I don't know where to begin. I play almost everything in C! I wondered if I could get away with it, but I'd bet I can.

The question of guilt and sin makes so much sense with red, aggression, anger, and all those natural feelings that are part of earthly experience. People cloak them in self-righteousness and then these feelings are worse in expression, such as those who profess divine love and seethe underneath, expressing it anyway to those who are paying attention. The Age of Pisces has been one of fake spirituality, but maybe toward the end with Pluto through Pisces, the real thing will come.

I think the earth emphasis going on might bring out these feelings with the coming transits, and judging from the red room, peace might be woven in between the bombs, especially as we move out of the sin-loving Age of Pisces. As we accept our humanness and quit trying to get into the Promised Land.

The fear of wrath and punishment keeps people away from tapping into that...

It's exacerbated the whole thing. The Divine Love, "Have a nice Day", be positive sham of it all. Pluto to my Moon-Joop in Sagittarius just cured me. Every moment is pregnant with positive and negative. They are equally valid and useful.

"Moreover, it is the true seat of the collective unconscious. It is through this chakra that the stored knowledge of the collective unconscious becomes accessible.

We've gotta get down. No doubt about it.

This is fantastic. Thank you so much, chris. Now we're getting somewhere. What a journey. "Enjoy" is an understatement.

14/2/09 2:05 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Isn't it something, tseka? You good Sadge types are honey in the rock. Now, not in heaven. Genuine knowledge is it for me. The broad strokes and connectivity of Sagittarius. The warmth of the philosophical.

14/2/09 2:08 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Seek and ye shall. What a treat on a Saturday morning.

Red is the color of blood and life, of course, and I almost became a film maker. I enjoyed movies immensely in my early life, but not horror and crime. At one point they started getting more bloody, and I was hard pressed to fine one without, so I quit watching them altogether. I remember a Sam Peckinpah Western which was the firt one to have blood spurting form gunshots and I started turning away then. Now there is 24 hour blood on TV, which I never had, since I grew up without one and don't have one now. When it first came out there was almost no blood and violence was a suggestion compared to today. News came twice a day, usually delivered by a gentleman. I don't know why this happened. Maybe the expression of lust will ultimately be a good thing. But people seem to have such a voracious appetite for violence, even more than sex. They seem to perceive the world as terribly dangerous, and maybe it is. So looking at it constantly reassures them? Man alive. Life has come down to a screen, two dimensional, so the earth chakra has a lot of unveiling to do. Interesting that we neglected caring for the earth in this Piscean age of escape.

Then came the shut down, depressed Prozac era still going on. It brings to mind the repression of the 1st chakra and all the natural sensations of living on the earth. I'm wondering if, in this country, some re-awakening of survival needs might not open up the chakra and lead them in time to more genuine spiritual development, sans savior.

People have always been fixated on blood, hoping to see it run out of its normal enclosures. They can't get enough. I've always wondered about this. Why? Some missing vitality? Blood sacrifice is one of the most common practices of mankind, yet the gods don't seem to appreciate it much. Are we just getting acclimated to life on earth? I've always believed we are in an intermediary uncomfortable stage of evolution. Not like my beloved turtle. I wish someone had some clues for me.

14/2/09 3:38 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

I can't keep up the typing but I'm delerious in evey word of you all OH OH. you guys are great

14/2/09 4:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooooooh right back at you (((both)))
It is a genuine pleasure to come somewhere every day where people are thinking and feeling.

I remember visiting you for the first time with Saturn in Leo and the inspiration led me to art school where I am so, so happy.

I just deleted my entire blog (not before saving a lot of it elsewhere though) and am about to start illustrating it with my own images.

Many thanks for the two of you...there is nothing is gratifying than giving to other people something they can keep forever.

14/2/09 7:11 PM  
Blogger jm said...

there is nothing is gratifying than giving to other people something they can keep forever.

You said it.

You are a treasure chris. I'm going to so much of the same thing you just decided to do in being true to yourself, and finding joy and fulfillment in looking at ourselves. Me and my shadow forever.

14/2/09 8:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And now I switch the topic...sort of. I've been reading about US-Afghanistan-Pakistan here:

So...what the hell. I don't even know what to say about this- my heart is in my throat. I look at my globe: KASHMIR. They can't even bring themselves to say the name. This little pocket of the world that's been at it for 30 years?

For some reason I decided to make this area of the world my mythical spiritual world. I used it as my screen name before I started my blog. I

...Okay I just went on a weird little trip to Apparently can't find Kashmir, it doesn't show up!

14/2/09 11:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh look! it's me! I decided with Mercury in Aquarius I'd show an old picture that I no longer resemble (except for the shy smile that makes people think I look sly).

ha ha that's so funny. i just spooked myself!

14/2/09 11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, you and your shadow JM! i just scared the crap out of myself with my OWN! how funny is that! ha ha ha!
i think my cup of tea and i are going to retreat to the boudoir for a tucking in. good night my friends.

14/2/09 11:24 PM  
Blogger jm said...

OMG!!! It's you? So Taurus strong. So beautiful. How wonderful to see.

In camp, many many many moons go, we did a song and dance to the old tune Me and My Shadow. Of course, with my exceptional talent, I was selected to be "me" and my bunkmates were all my shadows. I was delerious. Whatever happened? I should have gone to Broadway. Oh how I love song and dance. I still have to take my tap lessons and dream of Fred Astaire.

15/2/09 12:31 AM  
Blogger jm said...

I never got to Kashmir, but from all reports, it used to be like a magic kingdom. I had some of the most enriching experiences of my life in Pakistan.

I'm heartsick about this murderous war on terror as a cover for war profiteering, and I don't want to be a part of it or follow it anymore. They do what they do. I don't have much time left and all these power hungry sick humans can do what they will. I have to look elsewhere.

The opium trade has been one heart of the global crime network and it's heating up again, with our lovely government in on it. The selling of the war will begin soon, and once again the people will fall for it. Except if by some divine intervention, when Uranus crosses 29 Pisces, the appetite for murder diminishes. I have none.

I'm not giving energy to any of them. The public is being manipulated so much at the moment that my heart is getting too heavy for my tiny body. So something will be done. I wish I had your Taurus stamina.

When I got to Lahore I was at least relieved to be out of Iran. The culture in that part of Pakistan was uncomfortable for me. But when we went into the mountains of Chitral, I had wonderful experiences, living peacefully on corn, walnuts, and pomegranates. There were government rest stops that we used as shelter and the people were kind and the water cold, clean, and spiritually nourishing. One of the most magnificent experiences was when we were led across rocks and streams all day to a village in Kafiristan, home to an incredible group of peaceful people unlike any other Pakistanis. They're thought to be descendants of Alexander the Great's army. Unforgettable night high up in the Himalayas.

I love my memories of Pakistan. I'm not happy that my country is killing them so nonchalantly.

There's good and bad everywhere. I guess I'm forced to search for the good around here. I'm too small to murder. Everybody's going to have to work it out for themselves.

I'm not voting for any more killers. This was the second and last time. I have my principles and that's about all I have. And a good bed.

The Kafirs were as small as I am with smiles as big and warm as the Western American sun.

15/2/09 1:18 AM  
Blogger jm said...

I've had my ups and downs with astrologer, Bill Herbst, but I find him to be quite accurate. I thought you might be interested in reading his latest in which he concurs with my conclusion stated in the article below: Weakness, Death, Survival, and Rebirth. I hadn't heard a peep about Bill's assessment. No wonder.

It's the beginning of a new administration, and people are afraid, trying to establish where they stand in this troubled time, so emotions are volatile. I find that trying to be reasonable about the challenges ahead and the fact that it might take more time than some would like, with plenty of disappointment, is relaxing and calms me more than too-high expectations. Things will happen as they do regardless of the leadership since we as a whole group are deciding things, although not altogether consciously. So honesty is a great help, along with astrology, if we can possibly find some. The chances are better here on the ground. The efforts to believe and make the situation appear better are natural. It's good to have a general overview along with the daily roller coaster rides. It gives breathing room. Things have a way of working themselves out regardless of our picky, confused intervention. You know, the human thing.

I think it's basically not the time for valiant leadership while we find strength in a collective way in the coming years. The direction will come clear.

15/2/09 3:05 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Great discussion. Just "listening" with little to say that hasn't been said. But others in my immediate vicinity as well as online are talking about anger and its healthy and unhealthy expressions, so something's up.

Chrispito, it's funny but you look exactly like I thought you would, even if it's an old photo. :o)

I didn't realize it til now, but while you all were chatting, I made Valentine's Day a gift of love to myself. I threw out unwanted stuff in my workroom, took useless-to-me things to the thrift stores for others to benefit from, and generally prepared the space for my Ukrainian egg work.

And best of all, I visited the shop that carries these supplies and just basked in the visual treats there.

I can feel the sap rising in me to do these again, after a dry spell. I think Tseka will like that analogy. ;o)

15/2/09 7:01 AM  
Blogger Tseka said...

Love your photo Christy.

My heart and its sadness could undo me it i allow it. What my country does in my name abroad makes me weep. But what we do here in secret corners is not less a weight.

When I volunteered as an ombudsman in skilled nursing the things i saw...and a small group was able to affect...then came a change of government and new bosses and we few, who could and did willingly everyday go do battle against abuse, were gone.

And they, the Big They who can with the flick of a pen party on... and point to our program as being so grand only no one is ther any more. Talk about shadows and shams. On a piece of paper it says this is what we do, and these are the consequences for non compliance. But the paper is not the doing, the people are.

15/2/09 7:14 AM  
Blogger Tseka said...

I can feel the sap rising in me to do these again, after a dry spell. I think Tseka will like that analogy. ;o)

You betcha! And it warms my heart to hear of the rise od creativity - new flowers soon to follow. Can't wait for the fruit.

Creative is the complement of destructive. Let's expand and support it where ever we can!

15/2/09 7:17 AM  
Blogger Tseka said...

OH ja and Christy please let us know when you put up your new site with your work, we wanna see!

15/2/09 7:24 AM  
Blogger chiron said...

Glad to see that Bill H is writing again. Interesting analysis. I for one think that if Obama survives the four years, and I find more than eight indicators rather than only the Mars in the
8th, his will be a one term presidency. Unless of course elections are abrogated, which considering his chart and the national transits, is another possibility. But yes it will take more time than the general expectations prefer, and best to hold one's breath and calm a bit.
Although considering all the political manipulations afoot that will become increasingly more difficult.

15/2/09 8:11 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Creative is the complement of destructive. Let's expand and support it where ever we can!

Let it be so! There's an old legend about this, in fact. Among Ukrainians there is a belief that the fate of the world depends upon pysanky (decorated eggs). As long as egg decorating continues, the world will exist. Should the custom cease, evil in the guise of an ancient, vicious monster chained to a huge cliff, will encompass the world and destroy it. Each year the monster's servants encircle the globe, keeping a record of the number of pysanky made. Should there be too few, the monster's chains loosen, and evil flows through the world. If there are many, the monster's chains hold taut, allowing love to conquer evil.

15/2/09 8:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, isn't this the same blog that was against all the anger being focused on the Bush regime for their crimes against the constitution, the electoral system and quite clearly war crimes against the Iraqi people. That implied that these criminals should be allowed to get off scott free. Because their crimes were so similar to those of past governments, that they shouldn't be singled out.

But apparently it's O.K to focus all that unchannelled anger on a man who's just gotten into power and is attempting to pull this country back from the brink of disaster.

Wow again! Do you know what this smacks of? The cowardice of those who won't hit back at the big bully boys in the playground in case they get a beat down, but all of a sudden find their courage when the target gets less threatening, more amenable.

Now apparently it's safe to hate. Cat got your tongue for 8 years, but thank the lord, you've found it again.
Go for it, you've earned it. You've even paid for it in advance by financially backing Obama's campaign. You may have thought at the time you were backing a candidate for government, who could only try his best with the political infrastructure that exists in this country. But now it's clear that you were paying for a political scapegoat that you can throw all your fear and rage and powerlessness of the past 40 odd years at. Well, enjoy. No I mean it really, enjoy. I mean, you're an angry person as you keep telling your readers, and the president is a nice big fat target, so make the most of it.

15/2/09 11:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe that is really cool. Thank you! I guess I can say 'I look like that' but when Pluto was conjunct my ASC I shaved my head, so the hair is radically different. Smirk is the same.

Anon, if a government keeps on killing regardless of who is at the helm it is inordinately difficult to remain supportive. As I read your comment I was reminded of expression that only rats abandon a sinking ship. Perhaps this is what you see. Personally I think of the band who stayed aboard the Titanic as it sunk. I kind of see JM in this way, although I'm not sure JM would think of that.

A lot of of discussion that takes place at RU is a larger concept of transformation,relating to the outer planets. They move very slow. Progress on the Human Plane can also be very slow, and painful, and I believe it pays to talk about it. It is okay to be unhappy and angry with a government whose actions you don't believe in. Indeed, it is our right. Personal attacks really don't do anything except highlight how easy it is to derail a valuable conversation.

There is something to be said about turning within, not turning our backs. I see RU as encouraging of turning within, which will be useful when Uranus enters Aries. Uranus in Pisces is very messy.
I don't think that responsible ownership of our Selves and how we travel through our world is hateful. It is necessary.

15/2/09 12:23 PM  
Blogger chiron said...

Anon. I am sure that JM will answer for himself. And in advance, I thank him for a more tempered perspective on his blog, since there are innumerable examples out there of those blogs out there that proclaim democratic principles yet were the very first to stiffle disagreement and alternative viewpoints, censor, berate and mock. However you bandy words like 'hate' a little too freely. Smacks somewhat of the ilk who responded to intelligent disagreement in the internal ranks of the Democratic party with charges of racism or republican mollycoddling. Just nonsense. If it makes you feel better immersing your mind into a pool of soothing, like minded individuals suckling at the Obama nipple, I am sure there are plenty of alternative sites available. Why cast your stones here? Discourse yes, but few have time for mindless diatribe.

15/2/09 1:22 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Word to the wise, Chiron: check your assumptions.

And anon, one person's hateful talk is another person's truth-telling.

15/2/09 1:31 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

Joe:Among Ukrainians there is a belief that the fate of the world depends upon pysanky (decorated eggs). As long as egg decorating continues, the world will exist. Should the custom cease, evil in the guise of an ancient, vicious monster chained to a huge cliff, will encompass the world and destroy it.
Thank god the creative sap is rising, best get to it!

PS, Chiron, our beloved JM is a raven-haired beauty, you will not be the first to mistake her gender.

15/2/09 1:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think that responsible ownership of our Selves and how we travel through our world is hateful. It is necessary. Well said Chris.

jm, I stumbled upon ru when you were writing about the Nodes and I was very impressed by your analysis of each one of them. I kept coming back because your writing was intelligent and honest and the art work that accompanied the writing was very creative. I had never seen a blog like yours in my travels through cyber space. My NN was one of the last ones you wrote about but what a treat that was to read. ru is excellent, one of the best written in my humble opinion and I like to surround myself with excellence, I abhor mediocrity.

My great grand parents were descendants of Alexander the Great and came from Kashmir. I was completely taken by surprise how you managed to weave Alexander the Great into your piece and Chris's connection with Kashmir. That is why I thoroughly enjoy coming here.

As I read Chris, jm and Tseka last night I could feel the love. I kept thinking it is Valentine's and the words of the Age of Aquarius were in my heart. Then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars.

But that vibe was gone today. I need not say more. Thank you Joe. My sentiments exactly.
Peace, love and light to all.

P.S. Keep on being creative you raven haired beauty.

15/2/09 2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In a raucously urban alley close to where I live there is an old tree. Old old old, but it is quite short, as it doesn't have a lot of breathing room.
Its trunk is covered with exhaust fumes, and over the many years it's been there these fumes have turned to a paper textured tar.
One day I walked by, paying my respects to the birds the congregate and the men who push shopping carts, scavenging (there are women too, but the alleys of my city are competitive and so perseverance pays).
I noticed the sap pushing out of the tree. Large, thick snail size pieces. It was a wonder, thinking of the force of nature that pushes the sap out of this tree. I took a couple of pieces.
When I came home I put these pieces of sap in my window sill. When I have my next Saturn Return in Leo, god willing, I'll take a look at these sap pieces, embryos of the Sequoia Performance Project, and see how close to amber they have become.

Taurus is the sign that may understand the virtue of patience more than any other sign. It is perfectly acceptable to turn to the Elements and draw strength rather than forcing a cheerful face and greeting the public.

After all, it is nature that most often gets ignored, and it needs its caretakers to stay alive.

15/2/09 2:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe I love the eggs. Love love love them. You are welcome to take pictures and post them if you like. I don't know if you blog, but if you ever feel like coming onto my blog and posting a picture you're welcome to. I now have my email up on my blog publicly. And I erased all 220 of my previous posts!
You could even be a co-author and then you could publish whenever you darn feel like it.

No matter what you decide, my email is going to remain the same until I stop using email and everyone is telepathic. I imagine that won't be anytime soon.

15/2/09 2:19 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I can feel the sap rising in me to do these again, after a dry spell.

I'm with you all.

Anon, if a government keeps on killing regardless of who is at the helm it is inordinately difficult to remain supportive.

That's my view. And that was a beautifully stated comment chris.

I have sound reasons to oppose political killing, and those of you who have had the good life in this country away from these tragedies are lucky. I'm obligated, but you are free to do what you will, anon.

My criticism is not primarily against the president, I'm angry with him temporarily, but against the system he's working on behalf of now. I don't like the way he immediately betrayed his campaign promises by selecting the past criminals who got the nation here, leadership-wise. If he changes his focus I will support him.

The question pesters me as to why you who support him, and that is a huge majority, are so outraged by me. I'm certainly no threat, so why the vehemence? Why must everyone join in? This is a democracy. The sharp suppression of dissent worries me more than the what the government is doing after the bombing and killing. I'm interested in finding the source of this rage against the dissenters. It concerns me, especially since I don't invade other places with it, I stay here minding my own business. The aggression of the supporters is a thing to behold. I am highly perplexed. The goodness from the top should be represented by you, I would think.

I railed against Bush at first, but then it became useless. This is the beginning and the time to get on top of it, hopefully to urge him to go in the best direction.

And anon, one person's hateful talk is another person's truth-telling.

Yes, joe. Terse and pointed as usual.

Anon! A huge valentine hug!

I abhor mediocrity.

One of my biggest crusades. And your observation of how the supporters of the man bring in such sorrow is what I was referring to. Joy is joy as far a I've known. What's wrong?

When all is said and done, it goes back to my original view that rage is percolating and it will find a way out. All right with me. The people proposing hope could check their aggression levels, though, as a point of reference, in hopes of creating the kinder world promised.

15/2/09 3:09 PM  
Blogger jm said...

After all, it is nature that most often gets ignored, and it needs its caretakers to stay alive.

Yeah. What are we doing here??? Oh I know. Grappling with human nature.

15/2/09 3:11 PM  
Blogger jm said...

It really does concern me. I've noticed that my discontent is directed at the government and society, and although I'm not pleased with the worship, I think I've been somewhat successful at not insulting people personally for sticking to their opinions. In criticizing the group, I've been more negligent.

Those that are angry with me speak as if I'm doing some unforgivably wrong, a criminal myself, and so the seeds of dangerous suppression of dissent are sown. It even feels as if they could try to do me harm. The lessons of self defense will be broad with Uranus in Aries square Pluto.

There's a lot going on and a lot to pay attention to.

15/2/09 3:33 PM  
Blogger jm said...


Very very interesting and suggestive of what I have ahead. You are among many who think I'm a man and I love it, since I'm a huge fan of murky gender lines. The others here probably got a good chuckle of recognition. My Venus-Uranus conjunction has always favored the non-traditional in relationships and female expression. I adore those who exhibit both genders. I often find them less stilted and trapped in pre-ordained behaviors. Much more interesting. And I've never been a fan of the male-female games. Attraction is too oddly electro-chemical.

I'm a feminine Cancer, but most of my planets are masculine and Aries is a single guy and happy about it! So I thoroughly enjoy my male traits, and I probably cultivated them subconsciously, or simply let them breathe with me. I was never a girl in the classic HS clique sense, yet I was not a tomboy. I've always prized intellectuality and that's probably a male characteristic. My husband didn't like my cooking (I'm a great one) so I was off the hook there. He had Mars and Jupiter in Taurus, and he was better. The best. But at any rate, life has given me the opportunity to part ways with the usual female role, and dip into both sides. As a solo electronic musician, I needed the male. I love the freedom. More than I can say.

My verbal expression does remind one of the male gender, and it fascinates me. It really is natural, but I didn't know it until cyberspace.

I live like the Aries single guy, in charge of myself and my survival and protection, and as Uranus crosses my asc I will probably be glad of it.

So I am delighted with your "mistaken assumption." Thoroughly. In fact, I am burning with curiosity about why you picked male for me.

15/2/09 3:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It concerns me, especially since I don't invade other places with it, I stay here minding my own business. The aggression of the supporters is a thing to behold. I am highly perplexed. The goodness from the top should be represented by you, I would think.
I agree with you jm,

Last night I really enjoyed reading about purifying anger, philosophical natures, Chakras, Poe, colors and notes. The discussion continued today on creativity in nature, painted eggs, looking within and transformation from the outer planets.

It was just like the old days reading jm,Tseka and chrispito who were joined by Joe this morning. I was so into reading what you were all writing with no reason to join in. It was like sitting in a restaurant and listening to old friends having a wonderful discussion.

But that mellow, mystical vibe changed when a different chord was struck by aggressive points of view.

It is not in my nature to be so direct and I am sorry but I think Chiron and Anon could be more subtle and less forceful when making a point. Please don't beat me up for saying this.

jm you wrote: My criticism is not primarily against the president, I'm angry with him temporarily, but against the system he's working on behalf of now. I again agree with you on this point.

Big hugs back to you jm. Tseka, I love your art and would love to own a piece one day. So in the spirit of Astrology, creativity, spirituality and life let us make nice.

15/2/09 4:42 PM  
Blogger jm said...

And one more thought. To say that a man who has power over the largest arsenal of weapons in the world and over the deaths of thousands of people should not be questioned is dangerous in and of itself. No one should be followed blindly, and death decisions are fairly serious. We are all implicated.

15/2/09 4:42 PM  
Blogger jm said...

DuCan, thank you. I agree that the vibe was good last night. Such a welcome respite.

Yes, making nice is an excellent idea, even though the Moon is again in Scorpio!

I think eventually we'll learn to live side by side, and the aggressive ones need to do what they do for their own reasons. I can't wait till Pluto leaves my Mars!!! I actually need to increase my aggression, so maybe they'll teach me.

Hugs back to you, duCan. We can sneak them in!

15/2/09 4:49 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

DuCan, your words lift me.

typing is diffcult for a bit due to injury.

JM's salon feeds the soul on many levels. I am grateful for her dedication to this amazing site.

I disappeared for many months because i could not share her enthusiasm during the election. It is an interesting thing, love, we accept the differences.
We come in, we go out.

15/2/09 5:50 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

as in of Canada?

15/2/09 5:56 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Type sparingly my love. Or at least slowly with low pressure.

It is an interesting thing, love, we accept the differences.
We come in, we go out.

This has been one of the most rewarding developments and it's made our relationship stronger. Some things need no debate and we can back off for breathing room. No need to change the direction the loved one is going. Trust comes with that extra long leash I so admire.

Each one has a unique destiny and group belonging has always been a puzzle to me. It's probably best to go along sometimes and part ways when the call to self comes, as it will quite intensively with Uranus in Aries. We NN1s are probably fortunate in that respect and maybe can lead the way a little bit. Training has already begun. Aries is like that. Things are going to change but probably not in the ways expected.

The re-uniting has been a great pleasure and the remaining differences now seem insignificant. It verifies my basically optimistic view of life that silver linings are always present. The last years in total have brought many rewards.

I agree. One of the surest signs of love is not trying to bend somebody to one's will. Or beat them.

15/2/09 7:05 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

I'm glad you're sticking around, duCan. :o) Your comment about the vibe being gone sounded like you were going to gather up your marbles and go home.

15/2/09 7:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

as in of Canada?

Yes Tseka, and thank you.


15/2/09 7:08 PM  
Blogger jm said...

The Canadians around here are tops. Talk about harmony between countries.

With Mars in Libra and the South node in the 7th, relationships are the easiest thing for me and I know all there is to know about maintaining them. Several years ago I came to the conclusion that quarreling serves a vital purpose to the health of a relationship. I've found that there are two identities in a one-on-one and they combine to make a third. The person of the relationship itself. Identities often get confused and separating can be difficult, so I think arguments are the wedges that allow each individual to return to the self and re-establish identity, refreshed and ready to go another round.

Libra is the most common sign in my family, especially Mars in Libra, and we all know how to do this. Venus in Aries now is similar but pointed more in the direction of the self, so the Uranus-Mars combat currently might be serving this aim well.

The overall Aquarius transits are keeping the group cohesion intact so defiance is not necessarily a bad idea. It's probably a saving grace. The group will explode if togetherness is forced.

The founders of our democratic republic made assurances for the protection of the minority and now I think you can see why.

15/2/09 7:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks duCan your thoughts are well appreciated. :))

15/2/09 7:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello! :::waves:::
and now i'm gone again for the night. off to walk in this beautiful moon lit night. enjoy!

15/2/09 7:24 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

Ja JM the long tether, this is one of many gifts you have given me, you helped me to see my NN / self in new light, i am just a cultural, spiritual nomad- how did you so beautifully describe? led across rocks and streams...finding new camps, some among kindred along the way.

15/2/09 7:26 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Back to start! Thanks for the leadership, chris. And the everloving sensible Taurus energy.

15/2/09 7:27 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

Mars in libra family here too. At least all the men; father son brother and me heh...

15/2/09 7:28 PM  
Blogger jm said...

The long tether grows more beautiful the more elastic it becomes. The convolutions lead to unknown spots. I cherish it.

Yes. The rocks and streams. We had no knowledge of where we were going and it was sunset when we arrived. It was also a moment of trust in guidance, but it wasn't just the nimble Pakistani villager. It was our common desire and intuition. We knew it was good. So much happened that day.

The same way I didn't know if I'd see you again when we parted ways, but I never questioned the validity of the separation. It's a mutual respect thing. The journey of another is often something we don't share or understand. We come together and tell our tales.

15/2/09 7:34 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Almost every one of us has that Mars. My niece has and my father had the same degree. I could go on endlessly about that wild placement. The planet of self torpedoing into the other!

15/2/09 7:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Joe and Chrispito.
Mars in Pisces here.
Participating is very very new to me - quite a stretch as I am very shy and like to work quietly behind the scenes. I have been coming to RU for years as a reader but I felt compelled to jump in because I don't want to see the tone and dynamic of the group usurped.

I am so happy that jm, chrispito,Tseka and Joe are all on the same page again. One of the surest signs of love is not trying to bend somebody to one's will. Or beat them. So true. Sometimes words are better left unsaid as Tseka did when she stayed away. duCan

15/2/09 7:52 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

Well i for one am glad you are now part of the conversation duCan
may i ask what part of Canada?

15/2/09 8:00 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

funny, I didn't even realize you had stepped out, Tseka, during the election stuff. And I thought I was observant. :o)

I echo Chrispito in saying "Good night to all!"

15/2/09 8:15 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I am very shy and like to work quietly behind the scenes. I have been coming to RU for years as a reader but I felt compelled to jump in because I don't want to see the tone and dynamic of the group usurped.

This is wonderful duCan. It makes me think that the real changes from within might be possible with new kinds of leaders altogether. New folks coming to the forefront. It's a pleasure to read your comments and I know the others agree, because they said so! Welcome!!

It's interesting to see the support lately since I didn't think in those terms. But something is afoot in our country (world) and we might need the strength of togetherness.

I lapsed into an aberration during the campaign and I blame myself for losing the thread we had. But that thread is intrinsic to RU, so I don't think anything will usurp the tone. I'm easy-going by nature and have what they call a good disposition. My negatives are likely to be neutralized in the chemistry lab of conversation. Of course, spiritual Mars in Pisces types like you can help keep me on track, duCan. Especially with my Pluto transit in motion. I promise I will not use that rationalization forever!

But I really am easy to get along with. Too easy.

15/2/09 8:26 PM  
Blogger jm said...

HA HA HA!! Tseka stepped out like a spirit! So she was still here in spirit.

Good night joe. Good to have your extra input today.

15/2/09 8:28 PM  
Blogger jm said...

No. Really. My campaign behavior was terrible and I'm embarrassed. But it happened for good reasons, too many to articulate. One lesson was Neptune opposite my Saturn in Leo trying to get me to accept embarrassment as a side effect of self expression. I accept! I am duly mortified and now ready to embarrass myself further.

15/2/09 8:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tseka, I live in the West but am from Toronto. Even after 25 years out West I still call Toronto home much to the chagrin of my Western friends.

When asked where I'm from my answer is always Toronto. That answer comes from something deep inside my heart that I cannot explain. Goodnight all.

15/2/09 8:44 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I was in Toronto with Tim Hardin, the musician who wrote If I Were a Carpenter. I was working for him at the time. I remember getting soused on vodka and grape juice. Tim was difficult. But I also remember that the people were wonderful, and the city spacious! A good stretch. I like it much better than Montreal. It reminds me of Denver.

Good night DuCan. Thank you so much.

15/2/09 8:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I felt compelled to jump in because I don't want to see the tone and dynamic of the group usurped.

No, no no. This comment was not directed at you jm. There is nothing for you to feel sorry for. When I first jumped in I asked you a question which you answered and I was satisfied with your answer and moved on.

Please, my comment was directed to Chiron and Anon for their aggressive tone, I felt like they were usurping your site. not you.

I am very sorry about this misunderstanding. I hope I made myself very clear. du Can

15/2/09 8:56 PM  
Blogger jm said...

No prob. No misunderstanding. I realized who you meant, but I do have to take responsibility for some of the unpleasantness. And I'll be kicking myself for awhile for my lapse. Plus, I can be sharp in my criticism. Repercussions are expected.

I think it's just the nature of politics. We're fine if we don't touch it. It breeds animosity so I'll let the whole thing guide itself as far as how much to express my not-so-popular opinions. But I agree. The aggression was not entirely applicable to the situation. Attacks are inevitable, though, and I trust that I'll manage them. Or so says Pluto in Capricorn, my latest ally. Thank heavens I'm not violent. Nor particularly hateful. Too hard to keep up and I'm lazy. Good to have understanding Mars in Pisces aboard.

15/2/09 9:08 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

No. Really. My campaign behavior was terrible and I'm embarrassed. But it happened for good reasons, too many to articulate. One lesson was Neptune opposite my Saturn in Leo trying to get me to accept embarrassment as a side effect of self expression. I accept! I am duly mortified and now ready to embarrass myself further.

I hope you do not really believe that JM. You have enthusiasm and passion and all the right desires for this country.

The truth for me during the election was this, people of good heart with much hope for the best result saw things differently than i did. How could i deny another their choice? For me something happened in 2004 when i first heard Obama speak, I saw something very clearly and that has never left. I could not support him nor those who packaged him with good conscience.

It has hurt to watch so much that i hold dear, years of work in civil rights movement, equal rights and on and on become polarized. In the end we want the same thing and the paths are many. Who can say? One thing is certain there seems to be more clarity arriving with every new day.

I actually believe in something similar to the Ukrainian wisdom Joe offered up, to keep the "monster" leashed we keep the creative fires burning through the night. It is the best solution i can think of and best shared.

15/2/09 9:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

jm, once you explained the reasons for your change of heart a number of posts back I completely agreed with you because I have the same concerns as you.

Please don't change your style and remember love means never having to say you're sorry. I do agree with you most of the time. Wishing you a good night.

15/2/09 9:28 PM  
Blogger jm said...

DuCan! Good night up there in the beautiful friendly Northland!

15/2/09 9:45 PM  
Blogger jm said...

The deification of humans has always gotten people into trouble. I think the people are getting ready and that's why this upswing is going on currently as Uranus leaves Pisces. We still have Neptune and Pluto to contend with, but the Uranian separation starts now.

Who is going to solve the country's economic problems? The interesting thing happening is the change in habits rapidly taking hold among the people as they come to their senses. The evidence is in the housing market as they are downsizing quickly. I will do an article on it.

So it looks like the people will be fixing the thing no matter who the leaders are. They are saving for the first time in many years. It's better than throwing money to the banks or to corporations who stand to gain from their Congressional bills. People have yet to grasp the enormity of the breakdown, but when they do, the solutions will gain strength exponentially.

All countries have economic collpapses in varying degrees, and they pull put of them. It's in the chip. We know what to do when we have to do it. It's really quite amazing. We probably know as a collective better than the politicians do. They are normally short-sighted and caught in their own webs. We have the perspective to see and the freedom to do. And we have the numbers, the motivation, the resourcefulness, the creativity, the will, and the spirit. It's all in the game.

15/2/09 10:18 PM  
Blogger jm said...

embryos of the Sequoia Performance Project

LOL!! OMG!!!

I love you chris.

15/2/09 10:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right back atcha, baby! xx

16/2/09 11:09 AM  

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