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North Node in Sagittarius or the Ninth House

The North Node in Sagittarius is seeking a connection with the universe beyond the mundane, and a relationship with god. They want to know the way the outer and upper dimensions work, and how they influence circumstance. They sense a presence beyond the interpersonal and they want to know who/what it is. They are ready to expand into a larger dimension of life.

Personification of god. At the end of Scorpio, humans have mastered personal relationships and now they take this experience and apply it to their interest in god. I think this is why, in Sagittarius, god is anthropomorphic. In later signs, a more diffuse, less personal spirit develops, but in Sagittarius the entity is like another person, recalling their Gemini experience. Something they are familiar with. A specific presence. They want to become acquainted with this figure. The form varies greatly from person to person, but they all want to meet who's there.

The book of truth. All the SN Gemini book learning is turned into religious and philosophical investigation in Sagittarius. The NNs becomes interested in sacred texts or words of wisdom to guide them through experience. They are able to counsel and impart these wise words to others as well. They love the sometimes chilling sensation of the truth.

Higher education. These natives are prepared to enter the ivory tower where they can step back and see the continuity of past, present, and future. To see the larger ramifications of everything they've learned and stored, possibly for many incarnations. They plan to discover how the whole universe works as a system, as they turn the facts they've collected into perception and insight, in an urge to understand it all.

Getting out of town. Sagittarius NNs are on an extended journey with an engaging interest in foreign cultures. All the exotic details of people's lives fascinate them. They set out to travel the world, if not physically, then mentally. They know no boundaries and intend to experience the full spectrum of human diversity. They now recognize the family of man. They are also naturally protective of others.

Righteousness. Sag NNs are taking their accumulated learning, and starting to develop world views and philosophical attitudes. They are creating moral codes and ethical guidelines for their behavior, as they ponder right and wrong, good and evil, reward and punishment, from where justice is administered, and the source of right action.

A sign from above. These nodeholders are looking for evidence of a spiritual entity, and they start to perceive this in everyday life. They look up and out hoping for something tangible to reveal itself. Light, stars, and celestial activity take on a greater significance as they absorb, study, and search for connection to the entire cosmic system.

Things work out. The most Sagittarian of the NNs often say this, even in the depths of torment. Well, not completely immersed, but they do have trust in a natural sequence and belief in the goodness of life separate from the mundane ups and downs.

Air to fire. Sadge NNs are coming from mental detachment to a more active participation in experience, with an intense desire to incorporate the spirit of fire, and venture fully into every moment, seizing the most they can from life.

Enthusiasm. The NN in Sagittarius natives seek abundance and celebration, enjoying all kinds of people in a spirit of generosity, and participating in experience to the maximum. Jubilation is their aim.

My father had a NN in Sagittarius and this is what happened.

He came from a family of atheists and married another one, my mother. A dedicated one.
Several years ago I traveled to my hometown in upstate NY to see him for the first time after my mother died. I hadn't attended the funeral. After arriving by train in NYC, I met him in the middle of a family reunion, and there he was, bereft among his relatives, true to his SN in Gemini. He saw me and his face lit up like a thousand fireflies.
After a few horrible dinners with the brothers and sisters, we enthusiastically departed for my hometown and his apartment. He talked about his sorrow and disbelief when his seven siblings abandoned him after my mother died. On the way, he took a surprising turn, and headed into the mountains with a determination that was unusual to me. Twisting through the hills and the moist woods, we came upon the most beautiful religious shrine I'd ever seen, called The Grotto. My Moon/Jupiter in Sagittarius was in heaven, complete with the requisite goosebumps. I walked alone through the woods stopping at each marker of the Catholic saints, with bios, statues, and Bible passages. I wept, lit my candle, and made my offering in the little shed. When I returned to my waiting father at the car, I asked him, "Dad? Why did you bring me here?" He said, "I thought you'd like it". I never encountered this aspect of my father before.
I spent the next three months alone with him and we had repeated religious experiences. When the time came to go, he accompanied me to a small town in Pennsylvania where we had our last lunch in a small cafe. The last thing he said to me was, "I think there's something out there." I said, "Really?"... Yeah, he said.
We embraced, said good-by, and I never saw him again.
I never could have imagined this before. And now I know that the NN is probably acting within us all our lives. NN Sagittarians are taking their age-old knowledge of communication, and enlarging their dimensions to communicate with life, itself.
Photo: Interior of a Uyguar home in the Chinese Himalayas by Galen Powell. Cathedral illustration: Jeff Spackman.


Anonymous Joe said...

jm, that is such a touching story. Thanks for sharing it.

23/2/07 5:13 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

My SO is a NN Sag. Except for the enthusiasm part, though I don't see him in this description. Both Placidus and Koch put him at 0 Sag 39'28" Is there something else going on that affects the NN Sag? Could it be due to being on the cusp of Virgo and Libra?

I think I'll share this part with him and see if he sees himself. Maybe we two haven't yet explored the traits you describe.

23/2/07 5:21 AM  
Blogger Tseka said...

JM the story of you and your father. this alone, would make a book. So beautiful in the telling. I could feel the mystery and the magi

23/2/07 7:25 AM  
Anonymous casey said...

Beautiful writing and pics, jm. Your NN Sag description reminds me so much of my mom who's a Sag. Went and looked up her N.N. -- it's in Gemini in the 12th. What you were saying really fits her.

The beautiful pictures reminded me of Faye Jones' exquisite chapels in Arkansas. Made of wood and interlaced like your pics, looking out over the Arkansas hills or a beautiful still lake. Very spiritual places.

23/2/07 7:25 AM  
Anonymous -pd- said...

Such a poignant story, jm. It stirred up a potent one of mine, of returning to my own home town on the Hudson. I think I'll let it wait til you get around to Aries NN.
And such evocative images!! It takes genius to find and select. I can't wait to BUY your book.

23/2/07 8:35 AM  
Blogger jm said...

All of this is worth it for the comments and what's coming out of people I've known for a while and now seem to be getting to know so much better.
It's wonderful. Looks like there's poetry in a lot of people.

This happens all the time. There are infinite individual variations. I know many NN Sags who deny the religious like my father did until the very end. This is especially common.
These are archetypes. The pure form of the nodes.

Thank you tseka. It WAS a magic event. These are the things that really make a legacy.

Casey, what a surprise. That's intersting about your mom and the SN/Sun. My partner was a SN Sag and he fit it perfectly. It would be wonderful if you would give us some input when we get to that node. I recall one wise thing your mother said, "people are crying for themselves", and my whole body relaxed knowing others know this too. So I'm interested in more about her. Thanks so much.

Pd, That was the first time home for 30 years. My father was dying and no one knew yet. I'm so glad I had the time with him. One of the most vivid expriences of my life. He said to me, "You know, I never really knew you before". There are so many colliding energies in families. But we got a moment together. I always feel lucky about this.

The book! Oh no! But what a way to get a first draft.

23/2/07 1:44 PM  
Blogger jm said...

A very common thing with Sadges is a denial of the religious impulse and a transferring of the longing into icon worship, sports mania, and other things like that. The impulse for reverence and worship is a hard one in general, as we're seeing now in the last of the Pluto transit.
Sagittarius is specific rituals of worship and some are embarrassed by this.

23/2/07 1:52 PM  
Blogger Neith said...

The story about you & your father is very special, jm. Hits home because I'm getting to spend time now with my dad too. He comes for lunch on Sundays & we have these great visits. It's so important to have these support routines in place now since my intuition keeps telling me my mom will leave soon . . . the upcoming eclipse/Full Moon in Virgo (3/3/07) is exactly on my IC/MC axis. Am I truly prepared? No - since we can never totally predicate the impact major events will have on us but I do believe by being open to various possibilities, it can ease the way some.

These posts on the Nodes continue to be a great source of enjoyment for me. I can't begin to tell you how much I've learning from your insights & knowledge . . . plus that fabulous synergy that we have at times!!! What makes it all worthwhile, yes?! :-)

24/2/07 10:37 AM  
Blogger jm said...

We're never prepared neith, but you will do well with all your Scorpio.

24/2/07 2:34 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Each death is a journey of its own, all unique. Most people get busy with their lives and distractions and don't participate with the internal events.

I think our parents leave us when they know we can survive without them and this is one of the great nods of confidence. They also leave all kinds of other clues about ourselves, if we pay attention. You'll see those in retrospect as they are already coming in.

My father spent a day with me going through all his assets and I couldn't figure out why, since I don't care about these things. He was trying to get me to care.

For example. I thought my mother had no confidence in my musical talent. She showed no interest whatsoever all my life. When I returned with my father to my hometown, I was shocked to find, in their bedroom on my mother's side of the double bed, a huge photograph of me playing the guitar. The truth hit me and stunned me. I carry this now forever. So many things interfere in the whole family dynamic when they are alive.

With each parent, there is a trip that starts at the death and goes on for the rest of your life as you continue the relationship and make it your own. Sometimes we can come to terms with them this way, as we learn about ourselves.
I didn't start loving my mother from a mature perspective until after her death. I am amazed at how much I love her now. More than my siblings who have remained busy and not experienced it fully.

So these deaths are a huge, huge opportunity. They want us to take full advantage.

24/2/07 3:49 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

Neith, Jm, these last comments are breathtaking in their wisdom. My god i am so grateful to have found you both, you have expanded my life so wonder-fully.

This does not even touch on my appreciation of the gifts others bring here. i am humbled by the generosity of all of you who share.

24/2/07 11:18 PM  

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