Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Joy of Human Connection

I can't think of many things better than meeting new people. It's like going to a new country. All the fresh discoveries, along with the familiarities. The landscape of the inner being. Always a great great adventure.
Added to this joy for me as an astrologer is the map of the journey as it unfolds. The added dimension is something I can't imagine living without now. The horoscope has a life and personality of its own, always adding immeasurably to every experience I have. Like a best friend that's always there. This is what I use my astrological knowledge for. The pure enrichment of my life. I want to share it with everybody.
Before moving on to the SN in Taurus, I wanted to mention something about the Aries/Libra enactment we just witnessed. People can read explanations forever, but there is nothing like experience as a teacher. The entrance of SN Aries, Jane, was a demonstration of the pure energy of Mars. Very similar to the coming of Kj/Sige, another Aries. The SN, though, is the essence; the fullest manifestation of the archetypes there is. All the memory of the sign is carried in that node. The bold, daring, thrusting energy of Aries was beautifully articulated by the coming of Jane to Raging universe. No better way to learn.
You can take this ahead with you. All Aries placements have this robust force, even when not overtly expressed. And all of us have an Aries house where this is manifest and can always be used. It is magnificent and urgent. I never underestimate the power of Mars, and fortunately, it's usually tempered by everything else in the chart. But still..... Aries is astonishing, invigorating, and giving exhuberantly of life's energy. Might as well REALLY live.


Blogger NEOBuckeye said...

jm, I must comment and THANK YOU on your breathtaking coverage of the Nodes. Reading them and the conversation in the threads that followed was like reading my own life's story, but in a way that suddenly makes sense when and where it never did before. It's like suddenly stumbling onto the cord to a light in a large pitch black room. ;-)

I just so happen to be an Aries SN (4th house)/Libra NN (10th house). I can clearly see now the "loner/self" issues of that Aries South Node. And yet I also better understand those relationship longings and partnership issues of the Libra North Node, probably influenced somewhat by my Pluto also being in Libra.

I've had relationships where I got involved with the "wrong" person, which, upon ending only seemed to reinforce my South Node/Aries tendancies towards independence and self-centeredness. And then I've had relationships and opportunities to have truly well-matched individuals in my life, only to pull back or otherwise sabotage the relationship, again to reinforce that South Node in Aries, though probably also with a bit of my natal Sun-Chiron conjunction -- issues of self-doubt/uncertainty -- thrown into the picture.

I would have to say that I sometimes kick myself now for what I missed out on more than for what I didn't. What I did leave myself open to experience, heart-rending as it could be at times, eventually made me a better person. But I do for several occasions regret being so concerned with self and/or self-esteem issues that I ended the relationship or outright avoided it out of concern with self-preservation. If only I had known then what I do now. ;-)

17/2/07 9:43 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Neo. OMG. My dear compadre. This is an unexpected pleasure of great proportions.

Your story is a great addition to my bank. No matter what else is there, I have always seen the nodes as the main driving force behind it all.

I have the opposite nodes, and I could have a relationship with a porcupine, it's so easy for me. I'm learning to leave them and find complete pleasure in aloneness. I know how deep they go.

The utter pain of the South, everybody feels, but written in the North is more potential than any other place. That's why I am a crusader on this. I know if we put it in the conscious mind and keep it there, we can get to that NN and then the other dilemmas in our chart follow suit. Sabotage is the word. Man, I know.

I'm so glad I'm doing this and that you came in to comment. Soon will be the South in the 4th, a really heartbreaking one. The sorrow around the family. But the Libra/10th is achievement and partnership you can't imagine yet. Also the knowledge of good exercise of authority. This is why the government gets to you. The more you get out there and show how it's done right, the less you'll hate them. They know not, neo. They can never get it right.
After that, I'm going to combine them, so you can see exactly how the Aries/4th works. Fortunately we have a growing number of years to work it all out. I don't care. Even if I'm 99 before I experience the complete ecstasy of solitude, short of going to live with the wolves. I get closer all the time.

So very good to see you. The right thing is happening.

17/2/07 10:10 PM  
Blogger NEOBuckeye said...

Thanks jm! I really, really, really must set aside more time to read your blog. You are so very inspiring and uplifting, as always. I need more of that!

Actually, being as late as it is and tired as I am, I flipped my Lunar Nodes by mistake! My SN in Aries is actually in my 10th house, which puts my NN in Libra in my 4th house, along with my natal Pluto.

I guess that means, if I take what you have said and reverse it where the houses are concerned, my destiny is -- or I should say, must be -- an eventual retreat from public achievement, including public career and public involvement with politics, into a partnership involving home and family.

The sorrow/lack of fulfillment/failure comes from or relates to public/political achievement. I've done it already in the past. I can do it now if I need to. In fact, I'd do it, and I am actually trying to do it now, to totally avoid facing up to those inevitable NN Libra in 4th issues. But I'll get nowhere doing it, as there's no growth for me there in this lifetime.

Did I hit the nail on the head? ;-)

17/2/07 11:08 PM  
Blogger jm said...

an eventual retreat from public achievement, including public career and public involvement with politics, into a partnership involving home and family.

Absolutely. The South 10th is a really fascinating one. Most I know spend years trying to impress the powers and gain recognition and it never never satisfies, even when they get it. It's possible with SN Aries that there has been abuse from authority figures in some way. Challenges that you know are futile. And the isolation that always exists in the world arena. Definitely out of politics.

We'll get into it. Watch and come around when we get there. The others would love to hear what you have to say.

Ideally the Aries rage you feel against those in power should be ignored. Just walk away if one day you can. There is nothing left for you anymore in the political arena. You know too much. Nothing you can do. Leave it for the novices to learn. You can help them but let them be the ones out there. They can even be more effective. You've done it all.

Emotional comfort is your new forte.

17/2/07 11:43 PM  
Blogger jm said...

It's interesting neo, in terms of past lives. I just love these.

But Aries is war and the 10th is authority, so maybe you know the worst of the war machine packed into your ancient memory.
Peace is a good idea this time around. And not ever playing their games.

17/2/07 11:47 PM  
Anonymous sige said...

Ah, politics, bliss, for me personally, has been going back underground, anonymous at best.

This new job require me to:
a) blend in with two conservative women, who have generously given me the benefit of the doubt that I am kind and considerate and a team player
b) be "up front" in the newspaper office, instead of "in the back" doing composing or "out and about" as a reporter.

In other words, I won't be writing any more editorials. Who knew this would please me to know end? I'm so tired, and there's so many people shouting/writing now, I'm not needed. Besides my own writing needs me back.

Of course, this summer, the tattoo on my foot might shock the women. :-) Hey, it's going to be okay, they want to try my white tea. :-)

18/2/07 5:43 AM  
Anonymous sige said...

typos above! @;-)

And yes JM, thank you so much for all the energy you put into these essays. I don't begin to understand them, but I see there are patterns, and your passion comes through, which is always a joy to see/read. Much appreciated. :-)

18/2/07 5:47 AM  
Anonymous sige said...

um, I'm an Aries Sun.
But after the last couple of years, happy to let Aries rest and recharge. Stay in the backseat, turn the wheel over to NN Cap.

18/2/07 5:55 AM  
Blogger Tseka said...

What a delight to find you here, you always bring so much to the conversation.

18/2/07 7:40 AM  
Blogger NEOBuckeye said...

Thanks, tseka! It is always good to see you as well. ;-)

18/2/07 8:22 AM  
Blogger Jane said...

The entrance of SN Aries, Jane, was a demonstration of the pure energy of Mars.

It's the oddest thing... this Aries thing that you have opened my eyes to.

As I have just mentioned in a comment to you (jm) at my place, I'm currently overwhelmed and deflated.

When the wind fills my sails again, I promise to deliver on all the stories I have promised you.

18/2/07 4:16 PM  
Blogger Jane said...

(I need to keep a running list of my promises!)

18/2/07 4:17 PM  
Blogger Jane said...

(Or stopping making so many!!)

18/2/07 4:17 PM  
Blogger Jane said...

That should have read ~stop~ making...

18/2/07 4:18 PM  
Blogger Jane said...

But I am, on my various back burners... simmering all...

For example... the interplay between my Aries SN and, across the wheel, my Mars stelliumed with my NN-Sun-Merc.

My Mars-Merc conjunction (and that whole stellium) ('drive to communicate') is a problem in my life currently, and has been for too long now.

I know I need to 'fix the problem I have there'. Your node info is feeding my process.

Because you know what? Believe it or not, I actually had a very, very good grasp of my NN (and attached stellium) already as a child.

It got 'damaged', then totally 'broken'.

Now I can't delay its 'repair' any longer.

First thought is, and that is where ~you~ come in, flagging my SN in my face: the tool lies in my SN.

SN Aries knows what NN Mars needs.

I'm also very, very good with my SN, overall, always have been.

More on all this later...

18/2/07 4:28 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Believe it or not, I actually had a very, very good grasp of my NN (and attached stellium) already as a child.
It got 'damaged', then totally 'broken'.

Very very common. You can track it. We go to the South when insecure. So hard passages in the road send us there for periods of time.

Your communication thing just needs a professional place with the Saturn square.

SN Aries doesn't like criticism or anyone telling them who they are. When they release this they find out that others can actually have good insights into their identity and possible solutions to their dilemmas. The SN likes to go it alone.

18/2/07 7:10 PM  
Blogger Jane said...

others can actually have good insights into their identity and possible solutions to their dilemmas.

That's why I'm here! ;-) xo

The SN likes to go it alone.

That she does!

Yet my NN (etc.) seeks to go it partnered!

Uranus being the first planet in my 7H represents what I am drawn to, and seek, in partnership. Uranus is freedom and independence. Ties in with SN Aries / go it alone that you mention.

I need a relationship that allows me plenty of elbow room. I have always had that. (That's one thing I have done right, over and over.)

Now I just need to choose my partners better, i.e., with a longer list of criteria (without going overboard).

I need to pay attention to the 'deal breaker' criteria; the non-negotiables. I know what those are now (always did actually -- am ready to honor them now, I guess is the point).

18/2/07 7:34 PM  

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