Sunday, June 06, 2021

It Figures

Horace Filbuster is a most unpleasant man. He often finds himself enjoying his pleasures alone.

Filbuster is a very opinionated and outright talker, commonly stomping over others' ideas, if they are even heard. And he butts in with such vigorous force that no one can resist. He does this repeatedly.

The man waxes eloquent interminably. It's most irritating. He's not that smart. Maybe a little smart. He still gets invited to parties. And he occasionally makes people laugh. He can be an astute social critic.

Wednesday, June 02, 2021

The Ratio of Pleasure

Astrologically speaking, Taurus equals the pursuit of pleasure, Scorpio the accompanying pain. Simply put.

In Taurus, the human creature fully enters the world of the five senses......touch, sound, sight, smell, and taste. These superb five phenomena help the native make "sense" of the surrounding world. If it feels good, she's safe, if it hurts, she recoils. If it sounds pleasing, she advances, if it's horribly loud, she covers her ears. If it's warm she relaxes, if it's cold she reaches for cover. If it tastes good, she swallows, if it's bad, she spits it out. If it's alluring to her vision, she looks, if it's too bright or ugly, she shuts her eyes.

So pleasure actually is a guidepost for humans to successfully survive the terrain they move across. The pleasure of food  guarantees continuation along with the pleasures of sex. Seeing illuminates direction. Sound and smell are probably the entry points to successful passage, being omnidirectional
Pleasure makes life worth living. Desire enables success on earth. 

Scorpio also provides guideposts alerting the native to dangers. Within the sometimes severe pain of Scorpio lies profound relief, which leads, some say, to the deepest of life's enjoyments.

Pain provides an essential contrast to pleasure, and humans balance pleasure and pain in their own ratios. Mental Uranus in sensuous Taurus for six more years might wiggle, upset or explain the ratio, and then people, if they're inclined, can figure out intelligently how much earthly delight they want and what kind they enjoy. 
It seems a bit odd to combine sensual pleasure with intellect, but why not? The pleasure of thought appeals to me.

Monday, May 24, 2021

The Bias of the Brain

The above bottom images are those of a brain on the psychedelic, LSD, compared to the normal brain on a placebo. Almost the entire brain is activated on LSD, while specific connections are shut off. The normal regulatory central control point is bypassed when the hallucinogenic takes effect and alternate connections are activated. The psychological results are many, one of them being a loss of fear and negativity and a feeling of euphoric emotions, in a good number of cases. 

It's common knowledge among those who study consciousness that the human brain is wired for negativity. Negativity bias it is called, which can be seen in society's primary expressions. They are negative because people want that information. They prefer it. The negative has more allure and impact.

Theories suggest that negativity dominates perception in order to keep humans alert to danger so they can successfully survive on earth with all its threats, many of them unexpected. Prior negative encounters teach people how to handle the new ones. LSD and other such substances shut off connections to the brain centers responsible for storing these memories. Hallucinogenics in a therapeutic setting have been found to wipe out habits and cure addictions and other psychiatric disorders very quickly.

It could be that survival mode is suspended briefly on LSD, so the normal negative perceptions are not needed. Or maybe that amount of brain enlightenment is too much for ordinary existence.

But what clues are available here? Is it an evolutionary factor? It might be that the source of positivity lies in wait, to be accessed occasionally or in small amounts as circumstance indicates. The flood of joy, beauty, divine grace, and perception of benevolence in the universe stands by while primitive fears and survival instincts dominate.
It would be a stretch of great magnitude to view the trait of positivity as a tool in anticipation of a future time when life is less threatening. Whether or not evolution leads in that direction, or any direction, perhaps the individual can consciously construct a life with a fair amount of threat and space for expansion of positive experience. The brain is highly plastic as these studies prove. Or maybe there is an innate positivity quotient for each individual's requirements. Each to his own.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Pisces Welcomes Jupiter

Hey Joop! What's up? It's been twelve years. 

J...It's good to be in Pisces again. Sort of. We are squared off after all, Sagittarius wise. I like all the religious frick frack, and I know you've lost interest in that sort of thing. You've found infinite amorphous consciousness. I understand. 

I'm an anthropomorphic kind of guy, so I like those kings, goddesses, beasts, half human creatures, and so on with their outrageous stories. I still study the universe with my newfound higher mind.

P...Well I lost my mind and gained my consciousness. Or lost my consciousness and entered into some nebulous unidentified substance. It's a trip.

J...It sounds like something I could be interested in, much as I like new adventures. Will you show me around? I'll tell you stories of the world that might amuse you. You might even be glad you're not there.

P...Sounds good. Come on in.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

To Each His Own

I have some kinky neighbors. Meet Bartholomew, Rose, Bertha, Milly, and Fred. They are rather old and sometimes older people develop odd behaviors. They sometimes lose their inhibitions and do things they always dreamed of doing when younger and more restrained. They all agree that shedding their cumbersome clothes is a great pleasure. They are not ashamed even though the cakes add a little fat to their aging rolls. They are unconcerned. Living the rest of their sweet lives to the fullest is their mutual desire.

And so they do. This lively bunch meets regularly for tea, cakes, gossip, and to discuss current events. They exchange tales of times past and the quintet has led spicy lives, although not as spicy as the current one. They all have strong opinions and the conversations do get animated.

At first the neighbors wondered if the get togethers were appropriate, but due to their overwhelming charm, the five oddballs have won the neighbors' hearts. They are viewed as eccentric oldsters just passing time innocently. Live and let live is the neighborhood motto. It's the easiest way. Bart and the gang do just what they please. They've earned the right.

Some of the neighbors have even thought about loosening up themselves. Relaxing and enjoying one another's company is catching on.

Saturday, May 08, 2021

Elimination, Regeneration, and the Pluto Return

"Pluto is approximately of the fourteenth stellar magnitude, which means that it is around one sixteenth-hundredth  as bright as the faintest star visible to the naked eye. This minute level of brightness, together with its small size, are two factors that are quite deceptive, for the power represented by Pluto surpasses its physical attribute. Anything connected with Pluto cannot accurately be understood by mere observation of surface characteristics.".... Stephen Arroyo

The United States of America is essentially in her return of Pluto to its position in the birth chart. It's time for the country to experience the end of Pluto's first revolution. Thing are not what they appear to be. Pluto removes surface pretensions in uncovering what's often called essential honesty. 

The route to this so called truth involves surfacing of hidden impediments and then their elimination. Left alone, decay would overwhelm the entire system possibly leading to its demise. 

Pluto in Capricorn is reflecting authoritarian behavior in governments worldwide, but it is especially important to America because of the natal placement. Some fear the perceived destruction of the nation's constitutional origin which is based on the protection of personal liberty, one of the country's greatest assets.

The path to preservation of this asset is through acknowledgement of the obstacles to freedom in the national psyche and a subsequent removal of them if need be. There appears to be a destructive frenzy in motion but this is required in order to encourage regeneration. The roots of the country's fundamental governing system are likely intact. Some decay is useful in order to provide fertile ground for new growth in the opposite sign, Taurus. Destruction of this kind has purpose. It has use.

It's smart to remember that the rulers and ruled are one. The spectrum of power, one over the other, is only on the surface.

Sometimes people feel they are victims of wrong-doing, but it's the individual's own psyche that creates the entanglement for reasons as varied as the world's populations. Human societies need a wide range of outside controls. A helpful restriction to one is oppression to another.  Those who cannot govern themselves rely on dictatorship. Those who are more adept at dispersion of power create democracies. Comprehending America's need regarding authority and Pluto in Capricorn is a long endeavor. Two hundred and fifty years is a healthy start.

Cancer, represented by four planets in America's chart, lies opposite Capricorn completing the parent-child axis. Of course, the immature side of Cancer cries with protest as the country strives to grow up in Capricorn. Freedom requires responsibility to maintain, so it's said. Ultimately it comes down to citizens creating and following their own ethical codes, however they structure them. Education, religion, inherent altruism, social consciousness, and the like are but some of the ways. When that happens, leaders reflect it.

So healthy societies grow organically from experience and evolution. They are an adjustment to circumstance. No one person or faction determines collective outcome. Nor do perceived omnipotent powers. Living societies adjust perpetually on their own.

"Seen in the light of the laws of karma, Transiting Pluto has the effect of eliminating old psychological patterns, seen as residues from past thoughts and actions. The transits of Pluto seem to wipe out much of this karmic residue, allowing a greater possibility of expressing the self as a psychologically free agent." ....  Stephen Arroyo

The USA seems to have a karmic memory of strong authoritarianism and oppression of freedom shown by the Pluto in Capricorn placement. She cast it off once that's known. The transit of Pluto provides a return to that memory, a renewal of liberty to be developed further on in Aquarius, and possibly a grain of honesty in government. 

Sunday, May 02, 2021

The Promised Land

In our modern world which elevates secularism above religion, the biblical promised land does not exist. But oddly, utopian political paradise does, so it's said. Is that not similar, if not the same?

There is something in the super intelligent DNA sequence, or in the cortex of the convoluted brain, which leads humans to believe there is a better world someplace else. It seems to be fictitious, be it a traditional heaven or a more perfect world on earth. A perfect world made in the image of man?
Hmmm .... . .. .....  maybe so. Maybe the perfect world is this one.

Promised by whom or what is another question.

Man appears to be inept at creating expanded paradise, not for lack of imagination. But the seed is planted in the human mind. Maybe paradise is simply a matter of contrast and timing. Maybe travel is not required.

Each to his own I say. Conceive, cultivate, harvest, and enjoy the fruits of the promised land to your pleasure, just in case this world is the perfect one, with pockets of paradise, a patch here, a patch there. 

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

The Taurus-Aquarius Square

In the sign of Taurus, the native gets comfortable on the earth plane and comes to revel in his sense of self and all the sensations life has to offer. After the hard survival efforts of Aries, one is ready to relax in contentment free from the personal entanglements that come later on. While the person becomes attached to objects and discovers the pleasures of possession, one is still relatively free of others. You can often observe Taurus in a group unbothered, doing its own thing. While the crowd  excitedly anticipates catastrophic comings, Taurus is largely unmoved.

At the end of the wheel comes Aquarius in square aspect to Taurus. This is where people part ways with their self centered focus and become part of the group. 
Oddly, Aquarius is associated with freedom, yet some personal freedom is traded for entanglement with the many in this sign.
Naturally, Taurus can become uncomfortable. Personal pleasures always remain a priority, but human evolution must go on. There are seven plus billion others to consider, which is a big big stretch for Taurus.

Well, unfortunately for Taurus, some high wire astrological vibrations are occurring in Aquarius these days. The natural self centered engagement is being attacked from the side. At the same time, to its dismay, airy impractical Aquarius is caught and held by substantial, feet planted on the ground, realistic Taurus. The progress of humanity does take time. Slow paced Taurus knows the value of incremental growth.

People sense opportunity and are racing to try social ideals out on the crowd, but it's still the beginning. Heavy footed Taurus might not comply completely, even when pushed. Stability is primary. Nonetheless, impossible, nervous, futuristic Aquarian ruler, Uranus, will surely rattle the Taurus floor. Unsettling Uranus upsets Taurean peace and contentment, but too much sedentary inaction can be problematic, so a jolt might be useful. Grounded Uranian electricity might be also.

The square aspect is tough. They are not  at all compatible, except by modality. In this case, both Aquarius and Taurus are of a fixed nature,  a setup for stubbornness. As far as the plot goes, will earthlings stay rooted in gravity or will they take flight into unknown realms of imaginary progress? With Uranus it's hard to predict. Some progress is likely, I would think. Something sensible.

Saturday, April 24, 2021

The Next Beginning

In astrology, the motions of the planets around the zodiac are called transits, and each transit mimics the astrological wheel itself.

It starts in Aries when the planet returns to its original place. Right before the return is the twelfth house phase. The dissolution. The end.

The United States Pluto return is in the 12th house phase. Things seem to disintegrate, they disappear, they dissolve. A disintegrating government, with Pluto in the sign of Capricorn, makes perfect sense. At least the appearance of an unravelling is present.
Consolidation of forces, action, and forward motion to unexplored frontiers are being prepared for, but aren't yet ready to manifest. They will be soon. It's impossible to see the path within the fog of dissipation and the temporary blindness of the 12th house phase,  but there's always conjecture for those wishing to look ahead and maybe even contribute to shaping the outcome.

It's quite interesting, time wise. Pluto officially returns to start the new Aries cycle in February 2022, the beginning of next year. The complete return and the transition to the new Aries phase comes in October 2023.  It marks the next beginning in the logic of sequence when dissolution is complete. Some extension of time can be expected as adjustment to the next phase comes and Pluto leaves Capricorn altogether in 2024. 250 years is a long chapter to close and open anew.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Social Change

Now that's creative. Little Lulu is a clever gal. What a cutie. Can you imagine this scene in today's society? Smoking is not only frowned upon, but it's being taxed to  high heaven and holy hell and further.

Things really do change. We kids didn't think twice about Uncle Merle breathing toxic fumes in our laughing faces, or Aunt Dot dangling inch long ashes at the dinner table. You could always tell which butts were hers by the ruby red inprint of her lips. They didn't worry about their teeth back then before implants, they just got the in-the-glass variety when the originals wore out.

Humans have inhaled smoke, for whatever reason, since time can remember. In caves and everywhere. Teepees had a wonderfully positioned hole on top and peace was made among the bellicose through shared smoke.

Hand me that pipe, please. And stop banging those drums! It upsets the animals!

Societies are always finicky about something. Pleasures extolled, pleasures outlawed. Humans are somewhat indecisive. Or fickle. Or maybe its flexibility. Adaptation they call it.

A word of warning ...... snatch your pleasures while you can!

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Pluto Stands Still

Pluto is stationary in the skies now getting ready to go backward. Changing direction is a bit of an effort. Like four months worth ..... you don't want to strip any gears. Stations are a time to gather forces, study information, reformulate plans, or to sit back and wait for the story to continue. The stations and retrogrades are as influential as forward motion. They add perspective.

As the US Pluto return nears its end, a look at the joining of government and corporate business conglomerates is occurring. Monopolistic tendencies are part of the country's business style. Great wealth is a priority.

The alliance of government and big business, while sometimes satisfactory to an extent, has been corrupted to an unhealthy degree in America. When citizens' small businesses are wiped out, and big businesses aid in the effort then swoop in to capitalize on the destruction, the effects of Pluto in Capricorn are seen. And when corporations purchase an inordinate amount of legislation, with only their interests in mind, there are threats to the health of the entire system. A good system is vibrant, bottom to top. The American people historically have rejected onerous governments, but there is wide diversity regarding the degree of awareness and aquiescence.

Consolidation of power can be extreme with Pluto in Capricorn but so can the powers of regeneration. The natal configuration reflects both the conditions for excess and destruction and the seed of reckoning and transformation.

As usual these days, American Mercury is involved the whole time, stationary and retrograde, stationary again, and direct. Four months on the degree at year's end. Merc can't get out of his grip. Good ol' Pluto.

M...Hey!!! I can't breathe! I can't breathe! Stop suffocating me you little non-planet!

P...Relax. You can take a deep breath. And then another one. It's just air. It's good for you.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Persona non Grata

This lovely family has been barred from entering the dining room even though they are hungry. The reason? They aren't masked. Never mind that the mouth is essential to the act of eating, and therefore to survival, but the steps to and from the table are apparently ultra hot zones of deadly microbes. One has to be terribly terribly careful. People can't see them, can't see how many of them there are, and don't know what they're up to. One  must watch every step and think twice or more about breathing. Covered up, frightened, and tip-toeing around the living is now the required way to proceed. Thankfully, a mask, made of paper, plastic, loosely woven cloth, or whatever, with gaps everywhere and dubious filtering capabilities, will do the trick to outsmart the little devils, so it's said. What a relief. Thank the good lord for intelligent life.

The persons responsible for delivering the food to the tables are appropriately masked at all times. But what goes on in the kitchen beyond the diners' sight? I don't think you really want to know.

Perhaps the family would be
better off picnicking in the meadows or mountains, weather permitting.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Don't Fence Me In

Oh give me land lots of land under starry skies above
Don't fence me in
Let me ride through the wide open country that I love
Don't fence me in

Congress is unhappy. The People's House is pretty much in lockup. It's tough.. The Senate is petrified into stone. Loaded guns are everywhere just in case.

They're paranoid, and rightfully so, being in a weakened condition. Age and non-use have atrophied their political equipment. Their sinews have dissolved, not to mention their floppy muscles. The governed outside are springing, while the fossils behind the fence are going around and around saying odd things.

But more power to 'em! And stay inside that fence!  Stay! Sit!

Song by Cole Porter

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Pissed Off in Florida and Texas. Particularly Florida

OK. Let's count the planets in Aries these two states have. That comes to a total of six, three each.

The two frisky states have defied convention and refused to participate in the novel vaccine passport syndrome just starting to sweep the nation. For reasons known to their states, and very logical reasons I might add, the idea of freedom to move being purchased with the price of an injection into the body of a dubiously approved experimental substance is not in keeping with their philosophy. So the two states have made it clear -- no vaccine passports.

In pure democratic fashion, the states are perfectly willing to let those who wish to be injected, do so. 

However, Florida got into a scrap with the crowd, and got quite angry. Not yelling, banging, shooting, and those kinds of things, but steely statements of defiance, and perhaps a little bit of threat.

I don't think they'll stay this way, being the Sunshine State and all, but sometimes you just stick up for yourself with Aries poking.

Texas has a load of planets in Capricorn, so they're more reserved.

The states h
ave seven planets in Aquarius so defense of independence is a fact of life. I would tread cautiously.

Monday, April 05, 2021

The Perils of Antiquity

I love cars and I love to drive. Internal combustion suits me very well. I love the hum of the engine, the feel of the wheels on the road, the dashboard at night, and the sights of the world whizzing by.

It could be caused partly my Aries rising that relishes movement and independence. Plus, I enjoy being alone. Cruising in my car by myself offers me endless pleasure, until, of course, the inevitable breakdown. And do I love my mechanics? A resounding yes! 

So it was with great pride and joy, upon emerging from the gym last night, that I found a note under my windshield wiper which read as follows:


I love your car!

Are you willing to sell it? If so, please reach out to me! I am a very serious buyer.

Please reach out to me @ ##########


My heart leapt. I have one of the most admired cars in town. A 1986 Honda Prelude, one of the best cars ever made, and it's a wreck! It's held together by Bondo, everything leaks, it idles all over the place, the fuel pump doesn't engage sometimes when I start it so I have to jiggle the main relay, the rear light is partly taped, as is the front turn light, and many other things. But it is a beauty. All the guys want it.

My first car was an old red Rambler, which I drove and lent to my friends until the doors froze shut. Sometimes the linkage didn't work so I'd have to get out, lift the hood, and adjust it manually.

Another favorite was a very very old baby blue Ford station wagon I found permanently parked in a health food store lot. I named her Henrietta. She required so much oil I had to add some every time I filled the gas tank. She got lost somewhere in Mexico.

Then I had a 1970 Ford camper which I drove for about twenty years. A blizzard broke the frame and it made a huge racket, but it was sturdy and I could stand up in it!

And now, after twenty-five years, I still love my Honda. So I'm not selling!

Friday, April 02, 2021

A Nation of Little Plutos

The mythological god, Pluto, ruled over the underworld, and in order to disguise himself while on earth, he wore a mask. The facial covering rendered him invisible.

The return of mysterious planet, Pluto, to its natal position in America's chart is closing in after 250 years. C
urrently Pluto has been digging deep for a long time in Capricorn, across USA Mercury at 24 degrees Cancer, and will be there until the close of the year.

Mercury rules lungs, breath, and communication. Lung ailments and nose-mouth coverings have become the rage, along with a constrictor's squeeze on public speech. The human mouth, entryway for Cancer nourishment, has become a terrible threat and not just because there's an immeasurable number of microorganisms entering in and spilling out. That's quite normal. The nose is the first line of respiratory defense, so naturally, living creatures reject interference. P
luto is not mortal, so he could be built differently.

As the cosmic plumber, Pluto eliminates waste from life's activities. There's a lot of detritus extruding from the mouths of people, which is always the case, really. Will mouth coverings help? Or should people use Saturn type restraint and editing.  Or they might communicate something of value from Pluto's treasure cave.

Mercury in Cancer speaks from the emotional body, often from personal need and not altogether aware of the consequences. With Pluto opposite natally, mental manipulation of public perception by the government (Capricorn) can easily take hold. On the other hand, evidential reasoning and logical conclusions can occur through Capricorn's intelligent influence.  Maturity encourages people to think for themselves, eventually viewing the government as an administrative body, not as an omnipotent parent.

Mercury in Cancer also frequently clings to the past. Old ways of thinking and problem solving are being tested with Pluto in opposition. A break from the old guard slipped in for a moment and now an attempted return is underway as Plutonian transformation nears its completion. The pressure is heavy, but the squeeze on free expression is unlikely to stifle the underlying urge of the body politic in America to enjoy its first constitutional amendment.

The masked underworld entity strips pretense from circumstance in order to penetrate the superficial and grasp some unadorned truth.  Lies are being trumpeted from all directions, but somehow some potent truth is sneaking in. Or out.  Perhaps the disguises are not what they appear to be. They never were an impediment to the microbes among us. They are, however, an impediment to healthy pride, self expression, and dignity.

The world is full of pests, poisons, disasters, crawling or flying horrors, and all kinds of scary things. Pluto in Capricorn urges people to methodically and rationally study these threats and find workable techniques to handle them. Common sense, a great gift to humans, is an always reliable device.

A nation of little Plutos walking the earth with fearsome power or little humans cringing in abject fear? It could be one, the other, or both. Ideally, the little humans could abandon attempted lordship over the underworld, leave it to Pluto, accept his guidance, and take their rightful place on earth, unmasked, revealed, and free to breathe and speak. Invisibility isn't working quite as well as it does for the real Pluto. And muffling Mercury doesn't work either. A reasonable amount of honesty might be a good thing, though, when it's said and done.

Friday, March 26, 2021

Educational Freedom

There are many alternative school choices being considered after a year of closings, when children were thrust into different ways of learning. The failures of America's public education system were also brought to light. Advocates of school choice in America have had limited success, even though educational choice has bipartisan support among the electorate. While legislators have generally failed to make it a reality, one state has set into motion revolutionary legislation which fits these developing Aquarian times.

"West Virginia has passed an education savings accounts bill for which 90% of students in the state are eligible. This is revolutionary because, up until now, ESA programs introduced in other states have tightly restricted eligibility. WV enables nearly all the state's school-aged children to access accounts. Students can use the money toward the educational options and resources of the families' choice, whether private, online, or home school related. If parents are happy with their local public school, their children's money will still go to that school."
The state of West Virginia has three planets  in Gemini, the sign of lower education. Sun, Uranus and Mercury. Mercury is the Gemini ruler, and the Sun Uranus Mercury conjunction reflects innovative educational reform. Jupiter in Libra trines the Gemini stellium, adding oomph to their revolutionary efforts.

The Mountain State also has Moon, Venus, and Mars in Leo. There are many many  Leos in the teaching profession since they love children and enjoy performing for their captive audiences. I can attest to that. I loved my teachers. I remember the Leos well. Very entertaining, animated, and enthusiastic. They made going to school fun. With more options for parents, they are likely to have greater influence in choosing teachers for their eager kids.

An interesting added factor is the nodal axis. West Virginia's south node is in Gemini, north in Sagittarius, the sign of higher education. It is possible that eventually, revolution will move to that realm. However it plays out, with three planets in Leo, the state is certainly bound to feel pride.

The new development accentuates the benefits of crisis and difficulty which can lead to positive change. This Cancer country is fundamentally protective of its young, and with Pluto transiting opposite the country's own Mercury, the time is opportune. West Virginia is leading the way in what will likely lead to other states instituting welcomed educational reforms and freedom of choice.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

A Sound Contender

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Professor Thaddeus Knockwhistle.

I am an educator of great renown. I teach political and social structure within the ant colony at the University of West Phalange. A very interesting phenomenon occurs in ant societies which might be relevant to today's societal malaise in the wonderful country of America.

“If you catch 100 red fire ants as well as 100 large black ants, and put them in a jar, at first, nothing will happen. However, if you violently shake the jar and dump them back on the ground the ants will fight until they eventually kill each other. The thing is, the red ants think the black ants are the enemy and vice versa, when in reality, the real enemy is the person who shook the jar. This is exactly what’s happening in society today. The real question we need to be asking ourselves is who’s shaking the jar… and why?” 

Well it surely is evident that the nation is shook up. Astrologers and such might have something to say about this in a big picture, but I am not conversant in that language. I adhere to my own expertise. The "why" might be left up to the philosophers to answer, however.

Because I have knowledge of population breakdown I have decided to run for President of the United States. I pledge to find out who is shaking the jar, and I will consult with other experts as to what can be done to stabilize the nation and repair any residual damage. I will do my very very best.