Monday, May 02, 2022

The Otherworlds

Monday, March 28, 2022

Mine, Yours, Ours, and Everyone's

In Taurus, personal possessions take hold. What's mine is mine. I am sole proprietor of the things I collect to keep or dispense with however I choose.

In Scorpio, relationships with others have formed and resources are shared. The way they are handled is decided by mutual effort. What is mine, what is yours, and what is ours is a moving puzzle.

Sharing is taken further in Aquarius where society's resources are distributed among all ideally. Still, personal possession and interpersonal bartering are at work creating a complex web of varying degrees of wealth. Often people question why some have so much more than others. What does commonwealth really mean? Then people wonder whether or not resources are finite and if they simply keep moving around.

It's impossible to deny the lust for material commodities that motivates human creatures.  A sort of primitive prehensile grasp propels them to keep acquiring possessions. Clamping and retrieving are ubiquitous.

In Scorpio consolidated wealth can reach astronomic proportions but the end purpose of Scorpio is to let go and exchange the material for the spirit. The original pleasure of acquisition in Taurus has reached its zenith in the opposite sign. There is really no more to possess. Either Scorpio is buried in the weight of the material or is released and lifted to further dimensions.

The North Node of the moon transits Taurus for a year and a half, while the South Node transits Scorpio. They square Saturn in Aquarius, bringing these resource puzzles to light. The North in Taurus, however, puts positive emphasis on what is mine and how to appreciate it. The rest follows naturally.

Thursday, March 24, 2022


Friday, March 18, 2022

Crop Success

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Love Letter from a Venus-Uranus Conjunction

My Dear Galactic Sweetheart,

I love you more than earthly words can say. You have opened my mind to far-reaching dimensions I never could have imagined. The stimulation thrills me constantly as my neurons fire at high speeds delivering insights none before you could have matched. The electricity between us is wildly creative. 

Even though I haven't seen you in 12 years my heart beats vigorously reminding me how much I love you. The space between is infinite, and I know you could pop up anytime. 


Saturday, March 05, 2022

The Drivers Arrive

The People's Convoy has merged with another gigantic group of drivers and the 1000s strong truck convoy is arriving in the nation's Capitol today or tomorrow. They are protesting Covid 19 restrictions specifically and governmental overreach in general. Independent truck drivers have a mind and life of their own. They value their free will. So much so that these normally solitary types have banded together uncharacteristically to defend their rights in unison.

On America's momentous Pluto return, the drivers have synched their gears and are in Washington D.C. to tell the government and the world we are a free country. These truckers, who deliver life's essentials every day without fuss or fame, have stepped into the limelight. They insist on facilitating the people's survival one way or another. 

The convoy is arriving with Mars and Venus still conjunct in Capricorn at 29 degrees. That's well deep into the loins of governmental authority. Alone in their cabs they often circumvent authoritative excess. But the tentacles have grabbed the populace for two years and it's time to let go. The end has been reached.

And all of this occurs under a magnificent Aries Moon. Autonomous Aries squares with Capricorn boss man. Eighteen-wheeled warriors of the road ride into the heart of it all with vim, vigor, and hot pride. 

Drive forward and onward you big burly boisterous spectacular leaders!

Monday, February 28, 2022

Birds of a Feather

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

The Drivers Shove Off

The American contingent of the Freedom Convoy, known as the People's Convoy, has begun its trip to Washington, D.C. under Mars exactly Conjunct Venus.

Equality baby!!!!

At 21 degrees, Mars and Venus in Capricorn form a quincunx with USA Mars at 20 Gemini. They talk to the government.

Speak up everybody! Raise your voices high!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

They Emerge From The Shelters

Looks like it's safe out there. We survived sugar cookie!

Traffic is surging, hours are extending, and movement is returning to the vessels of my town. The scares are gone, and the irresistible lures of lucious springtime are almost here. No time to waste.

"That was a rough one!" say they. "It's great to breathe the air and see the sun!"

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Of Presidents and Kings

The Full Moon in regal Leo is on February sixteenth. After two years of separation, people worldwide are converging, carried away from isolation in a tide of love. Leo governs the heart and love of self. Love of the other follows, as does pride.

So this caught my interest. The 27° Leo Moon on the sixteenth forms a precise quincunx with transiting Pluto, 27 Capricorn.

This Leo-Capricorn display is being exhibited before the current governments of the world, presidents, ministers, monarchs and otherwise. 
It represents the pinnacle of leadership.
Leo is the king and Capricorn is the superb administrator.

The quincunx to Capricorn reflects the reserve, decorum, discipline, composure, order, dignity, decency, maturity, and even modesty of the Freedom Convoy truckers as they take the stage before the world. The kings rise. The admiration pours in.

The truckers are magnificent. 

Sunday, February 13, 2022

The Comforts of Revolution

The Freedom Convoy revolutionaries are setting up homesteads in Ottawa, Canada, complete with kitchens and mailboxes. They are cleaning up, shoveling  snow, and feeding everyone for free.

In astrology, Canada has its Sun (creativity) exactly conjoining Uranus (originality, the collective, revolution) in Cancer (the home). Oddballness and nourishment of the collective are natural to this bunch. They didn't waste a second. At home on the streets keeping cozy and hanging together. Why not enjoy the comforts of home when standing up for freedom? 

No wonder they aren't cold.

Friday, February 11, 2022

The Bouncy House Rebellion

"The bouncy houses are closed!" declares the prime Minister of Canada besieged by a terribly threatening band of disobedient citizens in revolt, armed with bouncy castles, music, dances, and highly dangerous jerry cans.

The revolutionaries' inflated fun houses have posed an awful threat to the frustrated leader of the country. He will not stand for it! Happiness and love are strictly forbidden!

Unfortunately for the miserable ruler, a full moon in heartfelt expressive children loving Leo is just ahead proving it virtually impossible to stem the tide. 

Bouncers of the world unite!!! The revolution will go down in history.

Wednesday, February 09, 2022

The Night of the Jerry Can

A jerry can is a liquid container made from pressed steel, and more recently, high density polyethylene. It was designed in Germany for military use and holds 20 liters (5.3 gallons) of fuel. The name came from the slang term for Germans.
They are color coded: red for gasoline, yellow for diesel, and white for drinking water.

When the Canadian government threatened to confiscate the fuel of the Freedom Convoy's truckers, they being terrorists and insurrectionists in its view, the Convoy responded by asking anyone and everyone to come to Ottowa with jerry cans. They did. As you can well imagine, the cans quickly became instruments of percussion reverberating around the buildings and concrete streets.  Like well equipped missionaries they walk the avenues with determination and unique carriage.

What a surprisingly unusual revolt is going on up north. It could be that Sun-Uranus conjunction Canada has. That's a set-up for offbeat self expression. Or oddly onbeat, while the sun shines bright in Aquarius. Saturn is there too. That could account for their composure.

I agree with Ethel Waters, the singer. "She cehrtainly can can-can."

Monday, February 07, 2022

Oh Dear

"Trudeau Orders All Geese Rounded Up And Shot For Honking In Solidarity With Truckers,” write the satirists at the Babylon Bee. 

Horn honking has been banned in Ottowa. True.The logistics of enforcement are still being worked out.

Many have suggested alternatives such as drums, singing, pots and pans, sliding trombones, jerry cans, kazoos, and bagpipes! I go with kazoos. Truck them in immediately! The bagpipes would make the tormented wish for the horns back.

Over the weekend watching the live feed I observed something unbelievable. The truckers were doing call and response with their horns, organizing their pitches, and making melodies. Quite something. It caught my ear.

The nuts are trying to cancel music. Good luck you dumbheads!

The Honk heard round the world!!!

Saturday, January 29, 2022

A Symphony of Freedom

And a flood of emotion. The Freedom Convoy has arrived in Ottowa headed to the Canadian Parliament. They are streaming in.
It's an invasion. The truckers et al have overtaken the city. There are no screams, no gunshots, and no explosions. There's just the joyous cacophony of truck horns blaring to the heavens all at different pitches. Tunes fill the cold Canadian air. Snow blankets the occupied streets.

The outpouring of emotion is reflected in the newly arrived Jupiter in Pisces. Jupiter is expansion and Pisces is water, thus the flood. "Trucks sound like the trumpets of Jericho. Some miracle is about to happen," says one enthusiastic supporter. Ain't that just like Jupiter in Pisces.

The Sun in Aquarius is exactly square Uranus and Saturn in Aquarius is nearby. The truckers' disobedient voices are up and out.. They are known to be independent, often traversing the earth alone in the quiet night, talk radio murmuring comfortably, alone together on miles and miles of highway.

Although the moon has been in Sagittarius lending itself to celebration in the approach, today it goes into Capricorn joining Venus, Mars, and Pluto. Mercury retrograde in Capricorn makes the discussion deep with meaning, even validity. The meeting at Parliament underscores serious issues as the people (Aquarius) confront the government (Capricorn). It's an ancient dance with familiar music, eternal so far.

The trucks are festooned with lights and the people are happy. The indomitable human spirit rises as always.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

A Bed of Roses

An underwater mapping project recently took an unexpected twist off the coast of Tahiti, where deep-sea explorers last week discovered a huge coral reef resembling a bed of roses. It appeared to be unscathed by climate change.

Some even described the condition of the reef, deep in the crystalline waters of the South Pacific, as "pristine."

The reef occupies an area of the ocean known as the mesophotic zone, where light penetration is significantly diminished.

Well that sheds light on the concepts of light and dark and their relative value.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

American Nuts

People are looney. Be it your average Bob or Dick or the super human ruler of the world, they share the same trait.

The human brain is all over the place, real and imagined, often traveling at super duper speeds, in any direction, anytime. It's hard to keep up.

No wonder they're looney. Makes sense.

Saturday, January 01, 2022

The Joy Ride

Sagittarius lives for the thrills. They like to be tossed like balls around the universe in the sport of the gods. The earth alone does not sustain them. It doesn't know how.

Well, the south node of the moony moon has been in Sagittarius for the last year and a half.and what a trip it's been. A roller coaster ride to beat all. Unfortunately the south node often brings out the negative aspects of a sign and this ride has been no different.

Some of the less than pleasurable Sagittarius events are worship of false idols, forcing of dogma on others, hypocrisy, holier-than-thou closed minded attitudes, desecration of noble standards, and complete evasion of the truth. Sagittarius still works within a hierarchy and the rulers, experts, and supposed priests of the day have fallen from grace.

On the other side, the north node in Gemini has been doing the opposite. People's podcasts have gained more influence, providing many new often open minded sources of information. Highways and bi-ways are routing through the collective mind non-stop, free from traditional controls. A motley crew of people from all echelons have found their voices and audiences.

The auspicious north node, the long Pluto opposition to US Mercury, and the Neptune square to US Mars in Gemini have all coordinated to open these expanded mental avenues. Something new is coming, and that is an inventive free speech platform just about to take the stage.

The platform was started by Republicans but I doubt it will stay that way. Liberals have been visiting conservative sites lately where they are finding common ground. They agree that the less than pious priesthood of Sagittarius needs correction. Bridges are coming, and that is the original aim of Sagittarius. The pontiffs symbolize the bridge (pont) to the higher mind and the divine cosmology.

It seems that the south node inspired Sagittarius joy ride is coming to an end since the nodes are changing signs. Thank heaven for that. And thank heaven for the incredible number of communication platforms now available to satisfy the buzzing eager American mind.