Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Pisces governs the feet. Standing, understanding, walking, running, everything, the feet guide humans in every direction they move. Or do humans guide their feet? With Pisces, it's impossible to say. Feet are capricious, and they generally require a covering of choice to protect the tender bottoms that traverse the rough earth. Shoes are elemental.

Comfortable shoes that grip the earth and make walking easy are my choice. So when cushiony well-fitting athletic type shoes became the fashion, I rejoiced. A healthy society at last! I could now hang out with everyone, somewhat enjoyably, and hopefully on or off foot with minimal pain.

I was happy enough, but lately I've noticed an even better trend. The stiff, heavy, gel infused, blown rubber concoctions have given way to light, soft, easy running shoes. Are people loosening up?  Trusting their bones? Well it's one of those oxymorons, believing running is relaxing. Sometimes it is, sort of, theoretically. Flexible, just hard enough shoes are the rage, and once again, I rejoice.

However, shoes aside, sometimes people give up and retreat from life's challenges and inevitable confrontations in defeat. The planet Mars is the source of forward motion, self interest, autonomy, and chosen direction. From the Pisces 12th house of total comprehension comes the Aries 1st, where actions from the understanding are initiated. Mars decides, the feet follow, or in the case of the Grimm fairy tale, The Red Shoes, the feet are in complete command leading to a rather unpleasant end for the wearer. But generally, Mars issues orders to the feet. Often, the feet complain which can be wise guidance in terms of direction.

Like perfectly fitting flesh, shoes can hug the feet and make earth walking a delight. Some still like walking on stilts and needles, but I suppose that's a different kind of athleticism. Still, I'm glad the crowd loves sneakers.

Saturday, September 11, 2021

The Shimmer of Chaos

Three quarters of the earth's surface is ocean, Neptune's realm. Senses are distorted in the deep seas and nothing is as it appears on land. To the earth walker's eyes, visions can confuse and sensations are interpreted as chaotic. The vision can't keep up with the constantly shifting illusions. Walkers seem to feel their way through such disorientation, touching things here and there seeking the grounding they know.

There is a feeling of losing the self, similar to birth, when the human creature leaves the water for solid earth. The same absence occurs before the infant becomes accustomed to the firm terrain, and stands up to become a walker.

The abyss of the ocean is sometimes overwhelming as one faces the liquid expanse without gills, fins, or other adaptive features. Perhaps there are vestigial features in the mind to help the dizzied creature navigate with success when revisiting Neptune.
The sequence from swimmer to walker that occurs at birth might repeat itself all one's life, keeping the skills intact.

So here and now the earth passes through Neptune in Pisces, a compounded oceanic swirl of disorder, fragmented sequences, currents, eddies, swells, and distortions of reality. 

Humans build ships to enter the seas as if called by some magnetic voice. The lures of Neptune are like fish following color, light, and most of all, shimmer, in land based waters. It is the beautiful shimmer of Neptune that attracts all beings. Chaos is fairly exchanged.

The shimmer, though soft, can be blinding, but that's probably the point. The eyes drink it in like an intoxicating substance. Light bouncing on and off surface is essential nourishment for human eyes, even in its perceived chaotic absence of pattern. Probably because of it.

Neptune lures and mesmerizes creatures with exquisite beauty, magic tricks, and the promise of someplace else. The shimmer beckons and they go. What would reality be without fantastic imagination? Real reality?

Saturday, September 04, 2021

As the Melodrama Turns

Tension climbs. The plot thickens.

The world is either at end times, or revisiting a horrendous history, or destroying human civilization, or on the cusp of a dawning New Age.

The audience is on pins and needles.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

The Detriment of Neptune Part I

"The most spectacular manifestation of  Neptune's activity in the eighteenth century was the phenomenon of mesmerism. The movement began in 1775 when the Viennese doctor, Franz Anton Mesmer, sent letters to several leading European academics describing the existence of a 'universal fluid' which could be directed and utilized by man. He maintained that this subtle force, which he named 'animal magnetism,' could be manipulated to influence people's minds and to heal the sick of various diseases. The school of thought known as mesmerism was born with Neptune in Virgo.

According to occult tradition, all disease is the result of inhibited soul life. The pervasive influence of Neptune dissolves the obstructions which prevent vital energy from flowing freely through the aggregate of interrelated organisms which constitute the body of any animate entity. Therefore, Neptune is concerned with healing and expansions of consciousness in order that individuals may serve as transmitters of the forces which circulate throughout the universe."

The Divine Astrologer: Marcia Moore, Mark Douglas

Mesmer maintained that planetary influences affect humans through the same psychic phenomena that account for animal magnetism.
Other similar schools of thought arose during this period and the Marquis Chastenet de Puysegur observed that his mesmerized subjects often passed into a state he called 'artificial somnambulism', whereby people became extremely suggestible and open to direction by the magnetizer. Both Mesmer and the Marquis are responsible for defining modern hypnotic trance.

The United States of America was born just at this time in 1776. also with Neptune in Virgo. It takes 165 years for Neptune to complete a revolution and now Neptune is halfway, directly across from US Neptune at 22 degrees.
A certain trance-like state has gripped the populace, from my observation, as it battles an odd disease, immersed in a state of vast confusion and mental suggestion. I would guess the sickness is not what it seems to be.

Often with Neptune, people awaken from the somnambulistic state wondering where they've been while they uncover new directions. The mesmerizing blindness of Neptune allows these paths to form and eventually materialize. Neptune generally serves to obscure reality so that an alternative can be adopted, ideally imbued with some additional conscious recognition of spiritual elements.

Neptune rules Pisces and when the ruler falls in the opposite sign it is known to be in its detriment. It is not a comfortable position. Sensible reactions can be lost in Neptune's spell. Virgo reflects health in its mundane body centered details, while Neptune centers on the spiritual breakdowns causing illness.

Thus the solutions offered at present are not working. Mental disorder pervades and the hypnotists are very busy trying to effect a desired outcome. However, Neptune by its very nature eludes control. Dissipation, dissolution, vaporization, and a touch of psychosis prevail. Or it also might be that Virgoan reality is preventing complete hypnosis while other magnetic forces come through and penetrate receiving bodies. Quite a few citizens are remaining resistant to the trance.

In the end, Virgo can combine with enlightened Neptune to illuminate the mind body relationship in sickness and health, treating them practically once the induced waking sleep ends.

Here's the map beyond the cloud while clarity waits .....

Neptune moves on shortly and comes back to 22 degrees as of February 2022, exactly when Pluto returns. Then Neptune revisits 22 degrees in December 2022. Pluto again will be at 27 in its extended return. Momentous 22.

So there is a very interesting coordination between Neptune and Pluto in the country's destiny now. I'll take that up in part II, speaking of twos.

Fascinatin' rhythm, as the tune goes.

Friday, August 06, 2021

Nurse Jill Returns With News

With adventurous Mars in Virgo for a little while, beloved Virgo, Nurse Jill, has discovered a new wild weed growing in the meadows that seems to have remarkable curative properties. It works for coughs, catarrh, breathing difficulties, even severe fatigue, and a variety of other ills. It can be powdered, infused, or encapsulated for those who find the taste a bit strong. She's named her new remedy, Lion's Breath, due to its brilliant golden color, and so far, no adverse reactions have developed in her patients.

Nurse Jill and her brimming bag. Just in time. Her anticataclyctants are particularly effective. I recommend them.

Friday, July 30, 2021

North Node in Virgo or the Sixth House

Like an intricate tapestry, the North Node in Virgo weaves experience into a finely crafted reality that is beautiful to the eye, nourishing to the body, and stimulating to the mind. After years drifting through nebulous otherworlds, in the realm of the earth is where they now want to be. North Node Virgos are ready to leave the currents of the Pisces South Node, with its chaos and vague unnamed fears, and exchange the jumble for crystalline form and clarity with a calmer existence grounded in practicality. Where once actions seemed futile, the North Virgos know now their efforts can be of great consequence. It is finally working out.

The mechanics of living.
One might call the Virgo North Node the cosmic repairman, attuned to malfunctions and possessed of a great ability to fix what is broken. All moving parts are oiled and turning perfectly, much like the movements of the planets and the stars. While the "whatever" Pisces SN would let divinity or others take care of things, North Node Virgos have no resistance to hands on help with the proper functioning of body, mind, machine, and the mundane dimension as a whole. They are at the service of humanity and have the skills to make the world a better place.

Intelligence and awareness. With their uncanny perceptions and analytical minds, Virgo North Nodes are among the most intelligent of all people. They seem to have unique sensors that receive clues most others miss. They are quick to interpret sensory input and often translate with lightning speed and accuracy. More than intellectual understanding, these node-holders react almost like alert animals or visiting creatures from outer space getting the lay of the land. They can explain the world with facts, figures, graphs, lists, and analytical reports, if need be, since they see the fragmentation and finest details of the whole.
They used to absorb the emotions and tragedy surrounding them, but now they can mentally sort it all out and do something to help. They notice everything.

The helping hand. There are none like Virgo NNs who aid their fellow humans through life's constant breakdowns, mishaps, and tribulations. They do it without hesitation, regret, or even praise. The Virgo North Node is not only always available for service, but these beings find honest purpose in being useful to others and often do it gladly for little in return.

Food, health, and healing herbs. Virgo Norths are the earth's alchemists who turn ordinary growing life into healing potions. They know that ills come with cures and the planet provides the antidotes when people search and use them in the right ways. Like the digestive system, which is a Virgo domain, the NNs breaks matter into its essential components each going to the correct place for health and well-being. Proper intake is a road to mental acuity and fitness. Healthy nursing of ills reinforces the act.
The memory of Pisces SN and the suffering of worldly woes turns into the recognition of earth as an ally or instructor. They understand its gifts well and know how to use them. A reverence for earth's productivity is their invaluable tool.

Criticism and discrimination. The Pisces SN used to take it all in without judgement or concern. The NN Virgo picks and chooses what goes in, what stays out, 
what is assimilated, what is eliminated, what is useful, and what combines to make a perfect life. The marvels of solid matter are new to seafaring SN Pisces and even more alluring than the illusions they know so well. Why escape what is abundant and life-enhancing? 
While at risk for being viewed as nitpicking, the Virgo North sees great benefit in the act of somatic health replacing emotional malaise, however much criticism is applied.

The artisan and craftsman. The Virgo North Node holds manual dexterity and creation of objects in high admiration and often learns the techniques for such accomplishments. They might not have the results plastered on cathedral walls in homage to great divine power, as the SN Pisces devotee might prefer, but the results are often beautiful, finely skilled, and most of all, useful. After the dissolution of the Pisces South Node, they find solace in organizing and piecing things together in logical mosaic order. The products are often excellent, but it the process itself that seems to please them the most.

Ritual and labor. Like Zen Buddhist masters, the Virgo North Node engages knowingly in the repetitive rituals of work and other substantial endeavors. No job is too small or insignificant. They all contribute to the desired order coming from previously known disarray. Maintenance once seemed unnecessary or useless, but now these node-holders welcome the rituals of cleaning, maintaining, and organizing. The formless spirituality of the Pisces South Node becomes the spiritual soap of immaculate order and its resulting space, health, freedom, and peace.

Distillation, purity and clarity. At the Pisces South, the elements were undifferentiated as contemplation of the whole was the aim. The Virgo North prefers to purify substance and remove the unwanted factors detrimental to well being. They intend to concentrate life's essentials and place them in the most beneficial untainted sequence possible. The shine of clean spaces and surfaces are like windows into clear thought and crisp analysis. Fresh, natural, and wholesome, the virtues of a good life are theirs to have.

From the knowledge of human transgression and imperfection, the Virgo North Nodes are ready to put their lives back together with care and good intentions, attention to improvement, embrace of humility, successful effort toward a flourishing
 society, and to contribute to the making of a better world.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

American Melodrama

Americans hang together. With the Moon and her south node in Aquarius, it's a guarantee. But it comes at a high price. Very high. The price is high melodrama. Sometimes an excruciatingly elevated output of melodrama. Shrieks. tears, and other cries are often included, along with horrific frights.

At the North Node in Leo, drama is the only option. So Americans are doing what they do. Of course, Mars in Leo triggered a lot of it. Still. It's in the germ plasm.

Showing off, and in my opinion, being ridiculous.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

South Node in Pisces or the Twelfth House

The  South Node in Pisces depicts a dependence on chaos, confusion, dissipation, delusion, deception, and an overall aversion to reality. What was once a combination of inspired dreams, sublime beauty, and idealism has turned into escapism, victimization, self-undoing, and an addiction to suffering. This native is now ready to abandon the fog of Pisces in exchange for the distillation, clarity, purity, and perfection of the North Node in Virgo.

Chaos and confusion. While the Pisces South Node used to be comfortable with the flow of life as is, adopting a "whatever" view of events, they now feel disorientated bobbling about the waves and currents. They seek ballast, grounding, and firm footing to offset the turbulent swirl they are so accustomed to. They have always surrendered to circumstance, sacrificing ego and control, trusting that the currents would land them wherever safely. What was once natural movement is now irrational and random motion requiring their intervention. Letting go becomes hanging on and directing. The comforts of chaos seek the predictable alignments of order.

Illusion, delusion, and escape. The unreal world of Pisces used to be blessed escape for the SN Piscean. Fantasy made much more sense and was supremely desirable to the reality others inhabited. Whether the illusions reflected a beautiful scenario or sent them into completely delusional states made little difference. It was all preferable to solid, unmoving, unglittering phenomena. These node-holders were able to create great things out of their visions, but now their palette has emptied and a more organized and real sequence beckons. Escape has been mastered.

Dissolution and dissipation. As the cosmic solvent, Pisces liquefies, vaporizes, and disperses solid matter. The Pisces SN is used to things falling apart. Ambitions are often unclear anyway so they easily let it all go. Destructive living habits were not problematic in their alternate dream world, but now inhabiting the earth realm and its held together reality seems like a logical next step. Where worldly pursuits once seemed neither here nor there, they now have allure and validity.

Paranoia and other ailments of the psyche. The infinite imagination of Pisces SN that trusted and surrendered to the universe now feels uncomfortable and questions the guidance they once reveled in safely. Mistrust has moved in, motivations can be suspect, and even clear analysis of the world around them becomes inviting. The nebulous realm of psyche and all its confusions longs for rock solid somatic endeavors and ritual to ground the emotions and create physical well being.

Compassion, self-sacrifice, martyrdom.
While once willingly immersed in human suffering and its universal inevitably, the sacrificial service that came naturally now seems ineffective. The tragic stories laced into their consciousness have become burdensome and the act of self immolation becomes useless in alleviating others' sorrows. They now see that they and others can solve these dilemmas with real specific actions attentive to details in each life rather than a blind  belief in a savior or rescuer to deliver them from reality.

Drugs, alcohol, retreat. In the escape from painful reality Piscean South Nodes know the depths of substance abuse, either from their own experience or that of others. They are familiar with the urge to spend life in jails, health facilities, other areas of confinement, or even in monastic retreats to avoid the tediums of daily life. They used to see these escapes as meaningful distortions in the otherworlds they inhabited or effective crutches in their perceived crippled states. They often spent life helping other people in these settings sometimes delaying the time to help themselves. The dissipation of Pisces is now turning toward health rituals and body maintenance. The otherworlds  are now imbued with the suffering previously attributed to reality.

Saint, sinner, and duality. The truth of good and evil co-existing in human behavior was formerly understood and accepted by those with the Pisces SN. They were well aware of the struggle between saintliness and and the degradations of sin. The highest and the lowest aspects of human life were recognized and tolerated naturally. But now these extremes seem like an exaggeration and an unnecessary approach to a longed for normal back and forth and up and down. The turbulent emotional ride on the Piscean current is done. The wisdom has been gained, the compassion has been spent, and the knowledge of life's vicissitudes is complete. A more earth bound and calmer life is ready to manifest with ego and will poised to be developed in creating a good working life for themselves as productive participants in society, not as its saviors or its chaotic upenders.

Sorrow, despair, and emotional excess.  SN Pisceans are more attuned to suffering than all others. Their sorrow is ancient, their despair based on long experience. They once were skilled at enduring these pains and helping others through their own. Now these feelings have become excessive and futile. They don't provide relief, rescue, and visionary escape as before. This node is ready to trade in despair for mental acuity and intelligent analysis. Sorrow and disillusionment become part of the emotional whole rather than the mainstay.

Self undoing and ego. 
Where surrender to forces around them and the role of victim once satisfied their longings, the Pisces South now is prepared to recognize they have a say in the sequence of events they encounter. They are no longer nebulous nothings pushed around by circumstance. They begin to see that ego is a fine instrument to use as guidance through their once scattered lives. They are ready to put themselves back together, in the order they choose, and proceed willfully and consciously through the prevailing unknown. The Virgo North Node with its crystalline logical perfection can now be the sanctuary for the formerly dissolute, disordered Pisces South Node.

The South Node in Pisces has mastered amorphous spirituality, self-sacrifice, and emotional depth, and is free to move on to mental order, practical spirituality, and an embrace of the physical in pursuit of perfection at the North Node in Virgo.

Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Speech, Survival, Freedom

With the Moon in Gemini crossing United States Uranus and Mars, and President Trump's Sun, Uranus, and North Node in the 10th house, the revolutionary leader launched a defense of the American people's right to express themselves freely. According to law, this right is not given to the people by others, it is inherited by every citizen at birth. 

At birth, the human voice is perhaps the most important conscious tool of survival. It communicates essential needs and conditions long before words are formed. Sounds from the throat provide grounding in the alien environment. That knowledge is remembered. Even everyday conversation reinforces the basic will to live and thrive.

There are many authoritarian regimes around the world that restrict open expression, even punish it by imprisonment, and sometimes death. People from such places flock to the United States for this freedom among many others. The utterances from the public square in the US are wild, unpredictable, sometimes shocking, obscene, frightening, and sometimes poetic and inspiring, or even honest. It is a free-for-all.

People occasionally take their gifts for granted and forget to re-vitalize and appreciate what by fortune came their way. Pluto in Capricorn is reflecting a reminder to the populace that freedom of speech is best appreciated and protected.

The Pluto return in Capricorn is making some unusually long stops at USA Mercury, the governor of speech in the cosmos. 

When an outer planet going direct reverses course, long stationary periods occur where people gather information and motivation in order to make progress when the planet goes direct again. Sometimes repeated stations occur when the issues are especially important. This is what has happened to United States Mercury.  

The first stop at the country's 24 degree Mercury in Cancer came in February 2020 with a five month long station. Everyone noticed that free speech was under attack from the tech giants in cahoots with the establishment government. While some continued to ignore the incident, now that Pluto is preparing to make another  station, the situation is asking for more attention.

In August, a four month station begins, where the actions initiated today should gather force. This four month station takes the nation to December, just months before the first Pluto return to the 27 degree natal Pluto in Capricorn. National media outlets are declining in influence and the tech monopolies will do well to follow.  People will do well to look at their consumption of these products.

With the country's North Node in self expressive Leo, inhibiting paralyzing restrictions are not really well met deep in the psyche of the body politic. Freedom of speech parallels freedom of thought. Of course, groupthink is tempting in the human urge to belong, but Americans seem to have an instinct for individuality. 

Speaking freely is the American birthright. A more responsible honest expression will surely satisfy natal Pluto in Capricorn. Correct?

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

A Hero's Limelight

As if the sun weren't hot enough already. Humans spend their lives absorbing the sun's energy, but also running for cover from the great furnace. Seeking shade or slathering on ultra ultra violet skin protection, donning sun visors for the eyes, and blasting air conditioning units to kingdom come. Hardy plants wilt in its aura.

In comes fiery Mars. The heat intensifies. Mars transits Leo.

While the Sun simply radiates and naturally, effortlessly attracts, Mars puts his metal into the fire and thrusts it here there and everywhere with targets in mind. Mars sees the stage as a territory to be conquered. He valiantly projects his talent into the spotlight and claims center stage in triumph.

Mars in Leo reflects tremendous confidence and self admiration. While Mars just knows how great he is, Leo loves to remind everyone else of that truth. His performance is robust, one for the ages. The consummate show-off. His heart is engaged. 

The dour planet Saturn is in Aquarius now in square aspect to Uranus in Taurus, with their combined collective predisposition. In comes Mars opposite Saturn and square Uranus bringing Leo pride and ego with Mars self assertiveness to challenge what group equanimity could have possibly existed. With the endless attention showered on public figures one is compelled to ask, "Where am I in all of this?"

While Mars is in hot dramatic pursuit of itself, emboldened by the great solar furnace, the knowledge comes, if not the audience.

Friday, June 18, 2021

Saturn Squares Uranus

Sn.....Hey you lopsided wise guy! What makes you think you can bust loose?

Ur.....You're the boss, big shot. But I'm a brainy sort and I was thinking. Aren't restrictions created in order to break free? Aren't we to use them when advisable and then ... outward, onward, and elsewhere!

Sn.....The world of reality is a strict ordered one. Unless you aren't interested in reality.

Ur.....Oh, I'm fine with reality. In a limited capacity. You're good at limitations so kindly get out of my way. Control yourself.

Sn.....Done. Logic dictates.

Sunday, June 06, 2021

It Figures

Horace Filbuster is a most unpleasant man. He often finds himself enjoying his pleasures alone.

Filbuster is a very opinionated and outright talker, commonly stomping over others' ideas, if they are even heard. And he butts in with such vigorous force that no one can resist. He does this repeatedly.

The man waxes eloquent interminably. It's most irritating. He's not that smart. Maybe a little smart. He still gets invited to parties. And he occasionally makes people laugh. He can be an astute social critic.

Wednesday, June 02, 2021

The Ratio of Pleasure

Astrologically speaking, Taurus equals the pursuit of pleasure, Scorpio the accompanying pain. Simply put.

In Taurus, the human creature fully enters the world of the five senses......touch, sound, sight, smell, and taste. These superb five phenomena help the native make "sense" of the surrounding world. If it feels good, she's safe, if it hurts, she recoils. If it sounds pleasing, she advances, if it's horribly loud, she covers her ears. If it's warm she relaxes, if it's cold she reaches for cover. If it tastes good, she swallows, if it's bad, she spits it out. If it's alluring to her vision, she looks, if it's too bright or ugly, she shuts her eyes.

So pleasure actually is a guidepost for humans to successfully survive the terrain they move across. The pleasure of food  guarantees continuation along with the pleasures of sex. Seeing illuminates direction. Sound and smell are probably the entry points to successful passage, being omnidirectional
Pleasure makes life worth living. Desire enables success on earth. 

Scorpio also provides guideposts alerting the native to dangers. Within the sometimes severe pain of Scorpio lies profound relief, which leads, some say, to the deepest of life's enjoyments.

Pain provides an essential contrast to pleasure, and humans balance pleasure and pain in their own ratios. Mental Uranus in sensuous Taurus for six more years might wiggle, upset or explain the ratio, and then people, if they're inclined, can figure out intelligently how much earthly delight they want and what kind they enjoy. 
It seems a bit odd to combine sensual pleasure with intellect, but why not? The pleasure of thought appeals to me.

Monday, May 24, 2021

The Bias of the Brain

The above bottom images are those of a brain on the psychedelic, LSD, compared to the normal brain on a placebo. Almost the entire brain is activated on LSD, while specific connections are shut off. The normal regulatory central control point is bypassed when the hallucinogenic takes effect and alternate connections are activated. The psychological results are many, one of them being a loss of fear and negativity and a feeling of euphoric emotions, in a good number of cases. 

It's common knowledge among those who study consciousness that the human brain is wired for negativity. Negativity bias it is called, which can be seen in society's primary expressions. They are negative because people want that information. They prefer it. The negative has more allure and impact.

Theories suggest that negativity dominates perception in order to keep humans alert to danger so they can successfully survive on earth with all its threats, many of them unexpected. Prior negative encounters teach people how to handle the new ones. LSD and other such substances shut off connections to the brain centers responsible for storing these memories. Hallucinogenics in a therapeutic setting have been found to wipe out habits and cure addictions and other psychiatric disorders very quickly.

It could be that survival mode is suspended briefly on LSD, so the normal negative perceptions are not needed. Or maybe that amount of brain enlightenment is too much for ordinary existence.

But what clues are available here? Is it an evolutionary factor? It might be that the source of positivity lies in wait, to be accessed occasionally or in small amounts as circumstance indicates. The flood of joy, beauty, divine grace, and perception of benevolence in the universe stands by while primitive fears and survival instincts dominate.
It would be a stretch of great magnitude to view the trait of positivity as a tool in anticipation of a future time when life is less threatening. Whether or not evolution leads in that direction, or any direction, perhaps the individual can consciously construct a life with a fair amount of threat and space for expansion of positive experience. The brain is highly plastic as these studies prove. Or maybe there is an innate positivity quotient for each individual's requirements. Each to his own.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Pisces Welcomes Jupiter

Hey Joop! What's up? It's been twelve years. 

J...It's good to be in Pisces again. Sort of. We are squared off after all, Sagittarius wise. I like all the religious frick frack, and I know you've lost interest in that sort of thing. You've found infinite amorphous consciousness. I understand. 

I'm an anthropomorphic kind of guy, so I like those kings, goddesses, beasts, half human creatures, and so on with their outrageous stories. I still study the universe with my newfound higher mind.

P...Well I lost my mind and gained my consciousness. Or lost my consciousness and entered into some nebulous unidentified substance. It's a trip.

J...It sounds like something I could be interested in, much as I like new adventures. Will you show me around? I'll tell you stories of the world that might amuse you. You might even be glad you're not there.

P...Sounds good. Come on in.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

To Each His Own

I have some kinky neighbors. Meet Bartholomew, Rose, Bertha, Milly, and Fred. They are rather old and sometimes older people develop odd behaviors. They sometimes lose their inhibitions and do things they always dreamed of doing when younger and more restrained. They all agree that shedding their cumbersome clothes is a great pleasure. They are not ashamed even though the cakes add a little fat to their aging rolls. They are unconcerned. Living the rest of their sweet lives to the fullest is their mutual desire.

And so they do. This lively bunch meets regularly for tea, cakes, gossip, and to discuss current events. They exchange tales of times past and the quintet has led spicy lives, although not as spicy as the current one. They all have strong opinions and the conversations do get animated.

At first the neighbors wondered if the get togethers were appropriate, but due to their overwhelming charm, the five oddballs have won the neighbors' hearts. They are viewed as eccentric oldsters just passing time innocently. Live and let live is the neighborhood motto. It's the easiest way. Bart and the gang do just what they please. They've earned the right.

Some of the neighbors have even thought about loosening up themselves. Relaxing and enjoying one another's company is catching on.

Saturday, May 08, 2021

Elimination, Regeneration, and the Pluto Return

"Pluto is approximately of the fourteenth stellar magnitude, which means that it is around one sixteenth-hundredth  as bright as the faintest star visible to the naked eye. This minute level of brightness, together with its small size, are two factors that are quite deceptive, for the power represented by Pluto surpasses its physical attribute. Anything connected with Pluto cannot accurately be understood by mere observation of surface characteristics.".... Stephen Arroyo

The United States of America is essentially in her return of Pluto to its position in the birth chart. It's time for the country to experience the end of Pluto's first revolution. Thing are not what they appear to be. Pluto removes surface pretensions in uncovering what's often called essential honesty. 

The route to this so called truth involves surfacing of hidden impediments and then their elimination. Left alone, decay would overwhelm the entire system possibly leading to its demise. 

Pluto in Capricorn is reflecting authoritarian behavior in governments worldwide, but it is especially important to America because of the natal placement. Some fear the perceived destruction of the nation's constitutional origin which is based on the protection of personal liberty, one of the country's greatest assets.

The path to preservation of this asset is through acknowledgement of the obstacles to freedom in the national psyche and a subsequent removal of them if need be. There appears to be a destructive frenzy in motion but this is required in order to encourage regeneration. The roots of the country's fundamental governing system are likely intact. Some decay is useful in order to provide fertile ground for new growth in the opposite sign, Taurus. Destruction of this kind has purpose. It has use.

It's smart to remember that the rulers and ruled are one. The spectrum of power, one over the other, is only on the surface.

Sometimes people feel they are victims of wrong-doing, but it's the individual's own psyche that creates the entanglement for reasons as varied as the world's populations. Human societies need a wide range of outside controls. A helpful restriction to one is oppression to another.  Those who cannot govern themselves rely on dictatorship. Those who are more adept at dispersion of power create democracies. Comprehending America's need regarding authority and Pluto in Capricorn is a long endeavor. Two hundred and fifty years is a healthy start.

Cancer, represented by four planets in America's chart, lies opposite Capricorn completing the parent-child axis. Of course, the immature side of Cancer cries with protest as the country strives to grow up in Capricorn. Freedom requires responsibility to maintain, so it's said. Ultimately it comes down to citizens creating and following their own ethical codes, however they structure them. Education, religion, inherent altruism, social consciousness, and the like are but some of the ways. When that happens, leaders reflect it.

So healthy societies grow organically from experience and evolution. They are an adjustment to circumstance. No one person or faction determines collective outcome. Nor do perceived omnipotent powers. Living societies adjust perpetually on their own.

"Seen in the light of the laws of karma, Transiting Pluto has the effect of eliminating old psychological patterns, seen as residues from past thoughts and actions. The transits of Pluto seem to wipe out much of this karmic residue, allowing a greater possibility of expressing the self as a psychologically free agent." ....  Stephen Arroyo

The USA seems to have a karmic memory of strong authoritarianism and oppression of freedom shown by the Pluto in Capricorn placement. She cast it off once that's known. The transit of Pluto provides a return to that memory, a renewal of liberty to be developed further on in Aquarius, and possibly a grain of honesty in government. 

Sunday, May 02, 2021

The Promised Land

In our modern world which elevates secularism above religion, the biblical promised land does not exist. But oddly, utopian political paradise does, so it's said. Is that not similar, if not the same?

There is something in the super intelligent DNA sequence, or in the cortex of the convoluted brain, which leads humans to believe there is a better world someplace else. It seems to be fictitious, be it a traditional heaven or a more perfect world on earth. A perfect world made in the image of man?
Hmmm .... . .. .....  maybe so. Maybe the perfect world is this one.

Promised by whom or what is another question.

Man appears to be inept at creating expanded paradise, not for lack of imagination. But the seed is planted in the human mind. Maybe paradise is simply a matter of contrast and timing. Maybe travel is not required.

Each to his own I say. Conceive, cultivate, harvest, and enjoy the fruits of the promised land to your pleasure, just in case this world is the perfect one, with pockets of paradise, a patch here, a patch there.